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Joe Biggs has been at the center of the big anti-Antifa protests and pro-Antifa counterprotests happening in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, August 17, 2019. He has a long history, including serving as a military veteran, working for InfoWars, and once being in a group that was threatened by a police officer during a protest. Read more about him below.

1. Joe Biggs Helped Organize the ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ Rally in Portland

Biggs\’ website

Joe Biggs is the main organizer of the far-right anti-Antifa rally that happened in Portland on August 17. Biggs said before the rally began that he hoped there wouldn’t be any violence,  KATU 2 reported.

In videos promoting the rally before that interview, Biggs held a baseball bat with a Trump theme and was wearing a shirt that read: “Training to Throw Communists Out of Helicopters,” The Guardian reported. Biggs later pulled back on the rhetoric and asked his supporters to do the same after he was visited by the FBI. He talked about the visit on InfoWars, which you can watch at this link.

He asked supporters not to bring weapons or start any fights, but only defend themselves if they were attacked, NBC News reported.

Biggs is from Florida, but said he wanted to plan the rally in Portland, Oregon after conservative reporter Andy Ngo was hospitalized from an attack during a Portland rally in June. Biggs blamed local Antifa for the assault, KATU noted.

Biggs had a website at, but it appears to no longer work. If you try to go to the site, you’ll get an error message.

2. In 2014, He Made the News When He Said a Police Officer Threatened to Kill Him During a Protest. The Officer Was Suspended.

In 2014, Joe Biggs said that a police officer threatened to kill him, The Huffington Post reported. He was covering the Ferguson protests in Missouri and said he was filming in the media area when a bottle was thrown in his direction. Then he said a police officer walked up, pointed a gun, and threatened to kill him. The officer was identified as Lt. Ray Albers, Huffington Post noted. Videos of the incident were shared online. Albers claimed a “mob” had approached him.

Cameraman Threatened By Officer In FergusonCameraman Threatened By Officer In Ferguson2014-08-21T03:58:17Z

Albers was later removed from his position, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. He had been with the department since 1994. He was suspended without pay and would be undergoing a psychological evaluation.

Officer points gun at me and other media on W. Florissant #fergusonAs myself and other media were attempting to get to action. We were approached by this officer, Ray Albers of the St. Ann PD, who was wildly wielding his gun.2014-08-20T06:33:59Z

In 2016, Portland Mercury reported that Biggs brought a megaphone to an anti-Trump protest and disrupted it after student protesters had interrupted a PSU Students for Trump meeting a little over a week earlier. Biggs used his megaphone to remind the students that they had shut down another event a week earlier.

3. He Posted on Facebook Telling People His Home Was Protected Like a ‘Gitmo Torture Chamber’

He posted the following on Facebook on August 6 before his account was taken down. Although he didn’t make it clear, it appeared that his post was directed to “Antifa” who might have been reading.

He wrote: “To the a** holes who plan to raid my house while I’m in Portland. Just know that many have reached out to guard my house while I’m gone. I have said yes to a lot of them. They are gonna throw a big party. It’s BYOA. Bring your own ammo. Good luck getting in. If you do, you won’t get out and we will have it set up like a f***ing gitmo torture chamber. Quite a few of my military buddies who are let’s say…enhanced interrogators will be there to make sure things go smooth.”

4. His Social Media Accounts Have Been Banned


Biggs has seen many of his social media accounts suspended recently, including his “Bo Jiggs” account that was on Facebook and his Joe Biggs’ “Rambobiggs” account on Twitter. His Twitter account had more than 240,000 followers at the time it was banned. 

He was also banned on PayPal and Venmo and Periscope. 

Joe Biggs’ Facebook account was banned while he was talking to one of Laura Loomer’s associates on Facebook about his Instagram ban.

It’s possible his Bo Jiggs Facebook account was banned due to doxxing. A Facebook user named “politicalsculptor” had asked people to report Biggs’ account in early August due to doxxing.

Heavy can’t verify if the doxxing happened since the account is now gone. But PoliticalSculptor did share a post from Bo Jiggs saying that PoliticalSculptor was the reason for his ban on some social media sites.


Biggs once described himself on Twitter as a “proud black woman” according to archives of his Twitter account. In March his bio read: “Proud Black Woman. Combat Vet. 82nd. 1AD. Harleys. Hunting and Guns. Political Junkie. I say the things you think but are too scared to say.”

It appears that Joe Biggs is now banned from most major social media accounts.

5. Biggs Is a Former Employee of InfoWars, a Veteran, & He’s Married with a Young Daughter

Joe Biggs is a military veteran. According to Laura Loomer’s website, he received the Purple Heart two times. He served in the Army and was a Staff Sergeant. After he was threatened by a police officer during a Ferguson protest, Biggs told Huffington Post: “I can’t believe that that happened in America. That’s something I’ve seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. In our country? Mind-blowing.”

Biggs has appeared on Veterancast discussing his journey with PTSD. He served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and became a reporter after his retirement.

Joe Biggs has a toddler daughter and a Guyanese wife, KTLA 5 reported. (Guyana is a country in South America.)

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