Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, August 16

TuSimple and UPS


Self-driving technology is already being utilized on American highways. Read on for more on how UPS is pushing forward to develop autonomous trucks.

Taylor Swift’s new single has fans buzzing about whether the singer has secretly tied the knot with her British boyfriend.

And check out why drivers in southern California were all pumped for Mrs. Maisel-themed gasoline.

Here’s what you need to know in the daily roundup.

TOP STORY: Self-Driving Trucks Are Already on the Road

Self-driving trucks are already being used on the highways, but the public is just now hearing about it. UPS has announced that it is investing in the startup TuSimple, which has been developing autonomous driving technology.

The investment just became official, but UPS and TuSimple have actually been working together for months. UPS shared that back in May, TuSimple’s technology was outfitted in cargo trucks carrying loads along a 115-mile route between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. A driver and an engineer have been inside the trucks at all times to ensure the self-driving technology functions properly.

On its Twitter page, TuSimple is described as the “only self-driving truck company capable of driving from depot-to-depot without human intervention needed.” TuSimple believes its technology could reduce transportation costs by 30 percent, according to a news release.

But the release does not mention how many people would lose their jobs once the trucks no longer require drivers. According to the American Trucking Association, an estimated 3.5 million people work as truck drivers in the United States. It’s also estimated that nearly 71 percent of U.S. freight is moved via truck.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Taylor Swift’s New Song Has Fans Wondering if She’s Engaged

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift – ‘Lover’ album cover

Taylor Swift released the first single from her new album called “Lover” at midnight on August 16. And the lyrics of the title track have fans speculating that the songstress could be secretly engaged or married. Swift has been dating British actor Joe Alwyn for about three years.

Some of the song lyrics that have fans buzzing include this stanza: “Ladies and gentleman will you please stand? With every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my Lover. My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue, All’s well that ends well to end up with you.”

The song includes references to homes shared together. The line “I’ve loved you three summers honey, but I want them all” also has fans thinking that Swift has marriage on her mind. The music video for “Lover” is scheduled to be released on Thursday, August 22, and the full album drops the next day. Read more and see fan reactions here.

OFF-BEAT: Super-Cheap Gasoline Caused Traffic Problems in Southern California

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a series on Amazon Prime set in the late 1950s. The title character is a married mother who discovers she has a talent for stand-up comedy.

Amazon decided to promote the series by essentially taking over a gas station in Santa Monica, California. The company was selling gasoline for only 30 cents per gallon, which was the price of gas in the late 1950s. As The Verge reported, Amazon has pulled stunts like this before to promote Mrs. Maisel, by lowering the price on items including movie tickets and milkshakes.

But this particular stunt caused major traffic problems and prompted the Santa Monica Police to get involved! Drivers waited in long lines to fill up their tanks, blocking intersections. The promotion was briefly shut down due to the traffic congestion.


  • NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. his wife Amy, their daughter, and two other people survived after their private plane went down in Tennessee.
  • The NYPD says two suspicious devices found Friday morning around a downtown New York City subway station were not explosive and that the public is safe.
  • The FDA wants to put more graphic imagery on cigarette packages to deter people from smoking.
  • President Trump has reportedly expressed interest in attempting to buy Greenland. President Harry S. Truman made an offer to buy the island in 1946.
  • Whitney Port of MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings says she once turned down Leonardo DiCaprio.


Here’s a piece of news sure to have Star Wars fans buzzing: Disney is reportedly planning to launch a new TV series centered around the legendary Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney has asked Ewan McGregor to step back into the role. McGregor portrayed Obi-Wan in the three Star Wars prequels alongside Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.

Disney has not announced any set schedule as to when the series may begin filming or when it might premiere. But the show would stream on Disney Plus, which launches on November 12.

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