Nancy Magana: Teacher Killed in San Bernardino Shooting

Nancy Magana

Nancy Magana Facebook

Nancy Magana was a 24-year-old schoolteacher who was found fatally shot in a San Bernadino park on Friday evening.

Magana’s sister, Maria Magana, told The San Bernadino Sun that her sister was with her boyfriend and five-year-old son at the time that the gunfire began. Police have confirmed a murder investigation is underway.

Anyone with information on the case has been asked to contact San Bernardino police Detective Flesher at 909-384-5655 or Sgt. Tello at 909-384-5613.

Here’s what you need to know:

Magana Grew up in San Bernadino, California

According to her Facebook, Magana lived in San Bernadino for the majority of her life. She attended Arroyo Valley High School, then went to San Bernadino Valley College for her undergraduate career.

Magana’s Facebook depicts Magana’s love for her son, who was five years old at the time of her death. Her Facebook’s relationship status reads single officially, but many publications cite her boyfriend as having been with her at the time of her death.

Though she had just become a full time teacher, Magana’s Facebook also listed Target as the place where she worked at some point.

Magana Had Just Competed Her Second Week of Teaching

At the time of her death, Magana had just finished her second weekend ever of teaching. According to KTLA, Magana was working full time as a teacher at Del Vallejo Middle School.

Maria Magana told The San Bernadino Sun that her sister taught math and coached the volleyball team. Maria said, “She was always giving for everybody else. Even if she just had a dollar, she would still give that to anybody who needed it.”

Magana had three sisters. She is also survived by her parents and her son.

Magana Took Time off of College When She Became Pregnant

Magana became pregnant while she was in college, and had to adjust to life as a young mom. Per The San Bernadino Sun, she took several jobs while finishing up college, from coaching local soccer leagues to refereeing soccer games at other collegiate events. Maria told the publication she paid her way through college.

She said, “She was her son’s superhero. He thought that nothing could ever hurt her. To him she was the fastest and strongest, and everyone else came second … He always said my mom is the number one love of his life.”

Now, many have begun to mourn what they’re calling a senseless and tragic death. One user who appeared to train with Magana tweeted, “RIP NANCY MAGAÑA! Such a kind soul lost to f*cking senseless gun violence. I’ll never forget all the GRUESOME keeper training hours we spent being tortured.”

Another user, who appeared to be Magana’s student, wrote,Can y’all believe someone actually walked up to someone and just shot them while they were at the park? Nancy Magaña was my math teacher and she had died in her boyfriends car.. Rest in piece, you will be missed”

Magana’s Sister Insists the Shooting Was a Random Act

According to several publications, Magana and her boyfriend and son came to Delmann Heights Park after a night out at Dave & Busters. It was there that a stranger walked up to the car and released fire, Maria said.

Maria has insisted there couldn’t be any reason for her sister to be involved in a pre-meditated murder. She also acknowledged how little information they have at the moment. She said to The San Bernadino Sun, “There’s nothing. It’s just that somebody walked up to her car and shot her for no reason.”


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