Simone Biles Asks for Space Following Brother’s Arrest for Murder

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Tevin Biles-Thomas, big brother of Olympic superstar gymnast Simone Biles, has been charged in connection with a 2018 triple homicide in Cleveland, Ohio. Biles-Thomas, 24, was arrested on August 29 in Georgia and while he’s being held at Liberty County Jail, his little sister is taking a moment to gather her thoughts.

Biles-Thomas, an active-duty soldier was stationed at Ft. Stewart in Hinesville, Georgia, was arrested and taken into custody at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, and according the Cleveland police statement, the charges stem from a party which took place just before midnight on December 31, 2018, where Delvante Johnson, 19, Toshaun Banks, 21, and Devaughn Gibson, 23, were shot and killed. Police “conducted an investigation and identified Tevin Biles-Thomas as a shooter in the incident,” which left two other victims with non-fatal gunshot wounds. The soldier is scheduled to appear before a judge in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Appeals September 13.

In the meantime, Biles took to Twitter to ask for some space during what’s understandably a shock to the system. The 22-year-old, four-time gold medalist wrote, “I’m eating my feelings, don’t talk to me.”

Simone and Tevin’s mother, Shanon Biles, has two other children, Adria and Ashley. Because of Shanon’s drug and alcohol addiction, and her biological father, Kelvin Clemons, out of the picture, Simone and Adria were adopted by her grandparents, Ron and Nellie Biles in Houston, while older siblings Tevin and Ashley went to live with Ron’s sister, Harriet Thomas in Cleveland. Even though they raised in different cities with separate adoptive parents, they appeared to keep a solid sibling relationship.

Simone reminisced about growing up in foster care with her brother before they were adopted, and how together, they made it fun. She told The Undefeated, “In foster care, me and my brother [Tevin] would always try to do backflips and front flips. We had a trampoline, but we weren’t allowed to jump on it because of the foster care rules. So instead of jumping on the trampoline, we’d flip off the swing.”

Twitter Jumps to Defend Simone After Brother’s Arrest

A day before Tevin was arrested, Simone sent out a cryptic tweet that said, “let people assume incorrectly.” While it’s not confirmed as to whether or not this was in reference to her brother’s impending arrest, the beloved gymnast and Dancing With the Stars champion is receiving an overwhelming amount of support from her 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

In addition to the personal message to bother of her tweets over the past 48 hours, users online are bashing media outlets for only using Simone’s picture when reporting of the arrest of her brother. Frederick Jospeh tweeted, “We’d appreciate if you not use a photo of a young Black woman to talk about a crime that her brother is charged with. Simone Biles is an AMERICAN HERO and GOLD MEDALIST. Those are the only things her photo should be used for.”

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