Camilo Sesto Dead at Age 72

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Camilo Sesto, who’s real name was Camilo Blanes Cortes, one of the most famous singers from Spain died on Saturday, September 7. He was 72 years old. According to his manager, Eduardo Guervos, Sesto died of a cardiorespiratory arrest at hospital in Madrid. He is survived by his son, Camilo Blanes.

Sesto was also a songwriter, music producer and composer of romantic pop and rock ballads in the Latino genre. He sang in two pop bands during the 1960s, the first being Los Dayson, and they traveled to Madrid and won a contest in a Madrid TV show, Salto a la Farma. Afterward, he joined another band, Los Botines. Eventually, he teamed up with singer and producer Juan Pardo, and his career took off. Sesto sold over 175 million albums worldwide.

His family shared the news via twitter on Sesto’s official account writing what translated to, “Dear friends, We are very sorry to inform you that our great and dear artist Camilo Sesto has just left us. Rest in peace.”

Sesto’s career spanned decades. In 1977, he released his first English album, Look in the Eye. In 1991, Camilo Sesto released another album, A Voluntad del Cielo, which was popular all over South America. He followed with up more record releases including El Fantasma de la Ópera and Tesoros De Colección, Para el más Grande Amor.

Here’s what you need to know about the late Camilo Sesto….

1. Sesto Had 52 Number 1 Hits

Some of his most notable hits throughout the years include, “Algo De Mí” (Something in me), “Amor… Amar” (Love.. to love), “Melina,” “¿Quieres ser mi amante? (Do you want to be my lover?), Jamás (Never), “El Amor de mi Vida” (The Love of my Life ) (1978), and of course, “Perdóname” (Forgive me). Other favorites included “Donde estés, con quien estés” (Wherever you are, whoever you’re with), “Amor de mujer” (Love of a Woman) and “Amor Mío, ¿Qué Me Has Hecho?” (My love, What Have You Done to Me?) (1991), which hit No. 1 in Billboard magazine in 1991.

2. He Recorded in Multiple Languages

As a singer, most of Sesto’s music were recorded in Spanish, but he also recorded in English, German, Japanese, Catalan, and Portuguese. In addition to having 52 No. 1 hits, which established him as one of the greatest Spanish singers of all time, he also had 18 “Top 40” songs.

As a composer, Sesto wrote songs for artists such as Ángela Carrasco, Miguel Bosé, Lucía Méndez, Charytín Goyco and José José, He also produce and translated the lyrics to Spanish, for the Australian band Air Supply.

Sesto was also a beloved performer. He starred in Jaime Azpilicueta’s Spanish version of Jesus Christ Superstar, a performance for which the show’s original writer and composter, Andrew Lloyd Webber, claimed was the only production that ever equalled the American version.

3. Sesto’s Net Worth: $80 Million

Born on September 16, 1946, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Sesto was worth an estimated $80 million at the time of his death. Money which stemmed from the sales of releasing over 20 studio albums, all of which he wrote, produced, and performed, along with songs he wrote for other artists.

Sesto is survived by his only son, Camilo Blanes, who was born on November 24, 1983.

4. Sesto was Gearing Up for 2019 Tour

The singer was about start an America tour in 2019, and had scheduled performances throughout October that had Sesto traveling to Miami, New York City, Sugar Land, Texas, Los Angeles, and more. News of his passing brought heartfelt tributes and condolences from his fans on Twitter, many of whom refer to him as one of the most important artist of our time, and thanking Sesto for leaving them with such great music.

5. Sesto Originally Retired in 2008

The singer announced that he was retiring from music in 2008, and prepared to do a final farewell tour, “Gira del Adios,” which included stops in America, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Peru, over the course of two years. He did his final two shows in Madrid, Spain, which he recorded for his first live album, and live DVD, both called “Todo de Me.”

In 2011, he went to Las Vegas to receive the “Highest Hispanic Pride” medal, a ceremony which took place at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort. Pablo Castro, president of the Las Vegas International Press Association said the decision to give Sesto the award was unanimously voted by the board’s directors.

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