Elizabeth Warren’s Aunt Bee Is Real & Twitter Loves Her

Elizabeth Warren and Aunt Bee

Getty/Medium Elizabeth Warren and Aunt Bee

During the Democratic debate in September, Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren talked about her beloved Aunt Bee who helped her raise her kids when they were little. Some people wondered on social media if Aunt Bee is real, and she is. Warren has talked about Aunt Bee before, and Twitter absolutely loves the idea that Warren has a real-life Aunt Bee.

Elizabeth Warren’s Aunt Bee Is Real

People on Twitter were quick to wonder if Aunt Bee was a reference to a TV show.

Aunt Bee is a well known fictional figure from The Andy Griffith Show.

Warren’s Aunt Bee is very real, and Warren has talked about her aunt before.

In February Warren wrote on Twitter: “I remember calling my Aunt Bee and breaking down, telling her between tears that I couldn’t make it work and had to quit my job. Then Aunt Bee said 11 words that changed my life: ‘I can’t get there tomorrow, but I can come on Thursday.’”

Not everyone has access to that kind of help, which is part of the reason Warren is so supportive of Medicare for All. She wants to help people who don’t have that kind of support network.

Warren wrote about her aunt on Medium, too. She wrote, in part:

I had a job teaching at a law school in Houston when the babysitter quit. Over the next few months I tried all sorts of child care options: another babysitter, a neighbor with kids, and a couple of daycare centers. One day I picked up my son Alex from daycare and found that he had been left in a dirty diaper for who knows how long. I was upset with the daycare but, more than anything, angry with myself for failing my baby.

One day around this time, my 78-year-old Aunt Bee called from Oklahoma to see how I was doing. “Fine” I said, before breaking down, telling her through tears “I can’t do this. I can’t teach and take care of Amy and Alex. I’m doing a terrible job. I’m going to have to quit.

Then Aunt Bee said eleven words that changed my life forever: “I can’t get there tomorrow, but I can come on Thursday.” Two days later, she arrived at the airport with seven suitcases and a Pekingese named Buddy — and stayed for 16 years.

Warren went on to write: “Finding affordable and high-quality child care has gotten even harder since my children were growing up — and not everyone is lucky enough to have an Aunt Bee of their own. Today, in more than half the states in the country, a year of child care costs more than a year of in-state college tuition. We’re placing a huge financial burden on working families looking to find a safe and nurturing place for their kids.”

Warren’s Aunt Bee made a very real difference in her life and still inspires Warren and informs her work to this very day.

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