Hecklers Yelled ‘We Are DACA Recipients’ to Joe Biden During the Debate


At the end of the Presidential Democratic debate, each candidate got a chance to talk about the toughest setback in their career. Joe Biden was asked the question first. When he first tried to speak, a group of hecklers yelled loudly, forcing the debate to briefly stop. (If you want to vote about who won the debate, see Heavy’s article here.)

To see what the hecklers were yelling to Biden at the end of the February 19 Democratic debate, see Heavy’s story here. This story is about the September 2019 debate.

It was tough to hear just what they were saying.

The Executive Director of End Rape on Campus said on Twitter that the protestors were yelling: “We are DACA recipients. Our lives are at risk.”

Davidson said she was at the debate, in the front row of the side stands as the heckling moment happened. She also wrote: “They also got up on the stage. Solidarity with those brave students who put their bodies on the line tonight — something that is much higher stakes for DACA recipients. We need a #CleanDREAMActNow.” 

She said they also got on the stage at one point.

Here’s a video of what happened.

But their message seems to have been lost to many since it was so hard to hear. Some people thought they were talking about deportations, perhaps referencing the deportations during Barack Obama’s administration.

Others caught that they were saying, “We are DACA recipients!” But they couldn’t understand anything else.

Some said they might have been saying something about Obama, but it was tough to understand.

Whatever it was, some people thought the hecklers’ timing wasn’t good since they were yelling while Biden was talking about family members who had died.

Whatever the protesters were yelling didn’t seem to have much effect because most people couldn’t figure out what they were saying, according to posts shared on Twitter.

After the heckling stopped, Biden said that losing his son caused him to lose part of his soul, but he tried to stay strong. “For me…it takes finding purpose. My purpose is…stay engaged in public policy. But there’s a lot of people who’ve been through a lot worse than I have, and get up every morning and put one foot in front of the other. They’re real heroes out there.”

After he finished, the rest of the candidates also talked about resiliency and how they persevered even after professional setbacks.

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