Indianapolis Shooting Downtown: Six People Shot

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Six people were shot in an Indianapolis mass shooting downtown, none fatally so far, near Washington and Illinois, police said in an evening news conference. The mass shooting occurred on September 21, 2019.

Police said the victims are a mixture of juveniles and adults. “Officers were in the area of Illinois and Maryland when they heard multiple shots fired just north of this intersection,” a police official, Genae Cook of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, said in the news conference. The scene spanned different locations. She said that “right after that they (officers) located multiple persons shot in different areas.”

The Indianapolis police official confirmed that six people were shot in all. “They are a combination of adults and juveniles,” she said. The motive is not yet clear. Police say they don’t think the attack was completely random. They say, instead, that they think there was an argument between two groups of youths outside a shopping mall, and a male involved in that opened fire, The Associated Press reported.
Here’s what you need to know:

Two Victims Are in Critical Conditions & Scanner Audio Captures Officers Reporting Multiple Victims

The victims have been transported to multiple different hospitals, according to WTHR-TV. All were awake and breathing when they were taken to the hospital, but two of the victims are in critical condition, the station reported, adding that the suspect is at large. The juvenile victims are teenagers, the station reported.

Police dispatch audio captured officers reporting multiple people shot. An officer reported that a person was shot in the hand and stomach. Another was shot “right in front of Steak N Shake.” A group ran north, and the shooter was among that group, an officer said in the audio. Another said the rounds came down the street. A person was shot in the leg, and a tourniquet was applied. There were references to a scene near the Hyatt, across from the parking garage. A person was shot in the back and was awake and breathing. Be aware that early scanner reports can be conflicting or even false due to the chaos of the moment. Another officer reported that someone had a cell phone photo of the shooter.

A dispatcher asked officers to call in one-by-one if they had someone shot. Some reports then came in. A male was shot in front of the Hyatt. Washington and Illinois, one shot. Illinois and Maryland, one shot in the ankle. Same location, said another officer. The rest of the reports were hard to hear. A Steak N Shake employee reported having an anxiety attack.

You can listen to the scanner audio here.

This post will be updated as more is learned about the Indianapolis mass shooting.

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