Khaliyah Alvarez Caro Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Khaliyah Alvarez Caro

South Salt Lake Police Department

Khaliyah Alvarez Caro is a 3-month-old infant that was reported missing on Wednesday night after being taken from her grandparents’ home. The Utah Amber Alert was issued Wednesday night after her grandparents called the police.

Khaliyah is an infant girl that is 24 inches tall, 20 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen in a mickey mouse t-shirt and a diaper.

According to ABC4 News, Gary Keller from the South Salt Lake Police Department received a call at 8 PM on Wednesday evening that a child been taken from the South Park Apartments at 452 East and 2250 South at South Salt Lake.

South Salt Lake Police have two suspects in the case, Gabriel Brandon Caro and Jasmine Angelica Alvarez, who reportedly took Khaliyah from her grandparents’ apartment and were last spotted driving away in a gray four-door sedan.

Gabriel Brandon Caro and is described by police as 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighing 160 lbs. with brown hair and glasses. He was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt.

Jasmine Angelica Alvarez who police have described as 5-foot-3 inches tall, weighing 182 lbs. with brown hair and a nonspecific tattoo on her finger. She was last seen wearing a dark grey sporting the Utah Utes logo with light denim jeans and black Nikes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Parents Are Reportedly Homeless and Drug Addicts

Khaliyah Alvarez Caro Missing

Per ABC4 News, Gary Keller from the South Salt Lake Police Department said Khaliyah is currently under the guardianship of her grandparents because her parents are unfit to take care of her.

Keller told ABC4 that both parents have a history of drug use, domestic abuse, and are currently homeless. Keller added that the parents are currently unable to care for the child and stressed the importance of finding Khaliyah as soon as possible.

2. Khaliyah Was Kidnapped from Her Grandparents’ Apartment

Jasmine Angelica Alvarez

South Salt Lake City Police Department

According to, Keller says Caro and Alvarez broke into Caro’s grandparents’ house during the day by breaking a basement window. They expected the house to be empty buy Caro’s grandfather was there.

An argument ensued before Keller says the parents “grabbed” the 3-month infant and fled the apartment. They reportedly got into a gray Toyota with two other unidentified passengers.

3. Jasmine Angelica Alvarez Has a Restraining Order Against Gabriel Brandon Caro

Brandon Gabriel Caro

South Salt Lake Police Department

According to South Salt Lake Police, Jasmine has a protective order against Gabriel due to a history of domestic violence issues between the couple.

4. Police Say the Couple Was Driving Either a Gray Toyota or a Chevy Malibu

According to, South Salt Lake police officer Gary Keller says that the couple was driving a four-door gray sedan but they “don’t know if it was a gray Toyota or a Chevy Malibu.”

He added that it is a “hectic investigation” and police don’t know where the group is heading or what their final destination is.

5. Police Are Reaching out to the Public for Help

South Salt Lake and various news outlets around Utah have posted and reposted the details on Khaliyah Alvarez Caro and the suspects in the case. Police are encouraging anyone with information to call them at 801-840-4000 or simply dial 9-1-1.

They solved another missing person’s case on Wednesday when they found Marte Kasokome by reaching out to the local community. Police are hoping by broadcasting the message they will get a tip leading to them recovering Khaliyah Alvarez Caro unharmed.

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