Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, September 8


The number of severe lung disease cases surges nationwide. Health agencies disagree about which vaping products may be the problem.

Anger over cold french fries leads to a violent confrontation at a McDonald’s, and it was caught on camera.

And a young boy bullied for his makeshift University of Tennessee T-shirt received an uplifting surprise from the school.

Here’s what you need to know.

TOP STORY: Health Officials Disagree On Vaping Warnings

More than 450 people nationwide have been treated for a severe lung illness linked to vaping. At least five people have died from the mysterious ailment. As doctors struggle to pinpoint what is causing all of these people to get sick, health officials are at odds about what to do about it in the meantime.

The Centers for Disease Control are urging people to stop vaping until they can figure out the root of the problem. The agency is warning against using e-cigarettes that contain nicotine.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration is warning against using marijuana products that contain THC. Researchers are trying to figure out if Vitamin E acetate could be what’s causing the illnesses. The chemical has been found in some of the samples of the cannabis products, but it’s not yet clear if it’s the source of the problem.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Bullied Elementary Student’s Design Is Made Into an Official T-Shirt By the University of Tennessee

An elementary student in Altamonte Springs, Florida, was all excited to show his support for the University of Tennessee during his school’s “college colors day.” He didn’t have an official Vols shirt, so he wrote “U of T” on a piece of paper and attached it to an orange shirt. His teacher, Laura Snyder, explained that the child ended up crying that day because other students teased him about the shirt.

Snyder shared his story on Facebook. She wrote that she planned to get him a T-shirt, but hoped to do something extra special for him and asked if anyone had contacts at Tennessee. Her post went viral, and attracted the university’s attention. The school sent the student a big box full of Vols memorabilia. The boy then shared some of the items with his classmates.

The university then took a step further. It announced via social media that the boy’s design would be made into an official T-shirt. Portions of the sales would be donated to an anti-bullying organization.

OFF-BEAT: Cold French Fries Trigger Fight at McDonald’s

Video shows New Orleans McDonald's employee attack customer over food orderA witness says it all started after the customer complained about his food order being incorrect. One of the employees at the McDonald's apparently took exception and confronted the customer. The employee is escorted away by another employee, but the customer then moves toward the pair. It is not certain if he said anything, but…2019-09-05T03:17:27.000Z

An argument over cold french fries led to violence at a McDonald’s in New Orleans. A customer, who did not wish to be named, told local CBS affiliate WWL-TV that the confrontation began after he complained about his food. A witness recorded the incident.

In the video, you can see the customer and the McDonald’s worker standing close to each other. The staffer yelled at the man, “You got a problem?” Another employee pulls the man away, back toward behind the counter. But the customer follows. That’s when the worker turned around, put his hands around the customer’s neck, and punches him in the face.

The customer said he didn’t fight back because he was afraid of leaving his wife alone if he was taken to jail. “I’m a big, big boy. Bigger than he is, but I didn’t fight back. It was embarrassing. I didn’t want to leave my wife alone in New Orleans if I went to jail. If this happened to me in McDonald’s what could happen to her on these streets?”

The police were called, but no arrests were made and no charges have been filed. The owner of the McDonald’s said the incident was being investigated.


Bianca Andreescu

GettyBianca Andreescu after winning the U.S. Open on September 7, 2019, over Serena Williams

  • Bianca Andreescu upset Serena Williams to win her first U.S. Open title.
  • Wildfires continue to burn in the western portion of the United States. Track the fires with interactive maps for California, Utah, and Alaska.
  • Dorian is causing damage and power outages in easter Canada.
  • Singer and songwriter Camilo Sesto of Spain passed away at the age of 72.
  • Sony is planning to release a 40th anniversary Walkman.


Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur! A full skeleton for the dinosaur now named “Kamuysaurus japonicus” was unearthed in the town of Mukawa, Japan.

Researchers say it was a type of hadrosaur, which was a plant-eating dinosaur believed to have lived more than 65 million years ago. Based on the skeleton, an adult would have weighed at least 4.5 tons and measured 26 feet long.

The team of researchers also pointed out that this dinosaur’s ancestors appeared to prefer habitats along the coastline. Scientists say this “may have played an important role for the hadrosaurid diversification in its early evolutionary history.”

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