Ocracoke Island, North Carolina: Photos & Videos from Hurricane Dorian’s Landfall

Facebook/Joel Jimenez

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina was hit hard by Hurricane Dorian today as the storm made an unexpected landfall in North Carolina. Hundreds of people might be temporarily stranded as they deal with flooding and damage from the storm.  Read on to learn more about what is happening in Ocracoke and see photos and videos from people who are there.

Hundreds Are Stranded in Ocracoke & Rescue Teams Are Ready To Help

Resident Harris Williams shared this video on Facebook and said he was scared when he saw his suburban float away and had to evacuate.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has said that hundreds on Ocracoke Island may be stranded and waiting on rescue teams, AP reported. Dorian made landfall near Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks. The storm was much weaker than the Category 5 monster that had hit the Bahamas earlier, but it was still strong enough to do considerable damage in the region.

Cooper said: “”There is significant concern about hundreds of people trapped on Ocracoke Island. There are rescue teams ready as soon as they can get in.”

People have been told to get to the highest point in their homes in Ocracoke Island, AP noted. Water levels have already started to drop, some residents have said, but for a time some had to go to higher ground or second floors when the first floors flooded.

Leslie Lanier, an Ocracoke resident and bookstore owner, told ABC 13 in a text message: “We are flooding like crazy. I have been here 32 years and not seen this.”

Harris Kelton WIlliams Jr. shared the following photos publicly on his Facebook page, showing the damage in Ocracoke.

Facebook/Harris Kelton Williams Jr.

Facebook/Harris Kelton Williams Jr.

Facebook/Harris Kelton Williams Jr.

Flooding from the Storm Is Catastrophic

The Hyde County Sheriff’s Office has said there is catastrophic flooding from the storm. They wrote on Facebook: “Reports are coming in of catastrophic flooding on Ocracoke Island. Sheriff Cahoon along with Emergency Management has decided to send 3 mainland deputies, 2 medics, NC Wildlife, and Marine Patrol assets to Ocracoke Island to assist.”

Jon Lea, who lives in Ocracoke, wrote on Facebook: “Lotta people on ocracoke with destroyed houses. Worst flooding in 60 years. Guardian angels out on skiffs pulling people out. The man that built my house told us many years ago that if my house took water, the whole island is fucked. Got a half inch on the floor. Our postmaster got pulled out of her attic. Game changer, folks.”

Facebook/Jon Lea

Marcy Brenner, who lives in Ocaroke, posted on Facebook about the flooding.



And she shared this video as the storm moved in.

This post gives you an idea of how quickly flooding happened.

Rebecca Buckner Carbis, who lives in Ocracoke Island, shared photos of the flooding in her home, including this one:

Facebook/Rebecca Buckner Carbis

And Jason Wells said this was the worst flooding he’s seen.

The National Weather Service shared this video of a storm surge in Ocracoke.

Dare Devil’s Pizzeria shared this photo on Facebook and wrote: “Hatteras inlet ferry dock. Ocracoke side.”

Dare Devil\’s Pizzeria

Leslie Lanier, who lives in the area, has been posting updates on Twitter. Here are some of her tweets.

She said the streets had turned “to sound water.”

She wrote: “My husband just rescued a dove. The dove allowed him to pick it up and put it on the rail of the porch.”

Another family is being rescued by jet skis.

Joel Jimenez, who lives in Ocracoke, shared this heartbreaking video.

And this video from Jimenez shows how strong the flooding was as the storm moved through.

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