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Hanna Jones, 18, a college student from eastern Ohio, decided to surprise her mother with an unannounced visit. But she ended up with a gunshot wound to the arm when her mother, Renee Jones, was a little too surprised and mistook her own daughter for an intruder.

The shooting happened on August 30, 2019, in Girard. The city is located just a few miles north of Youngstown.

Hanna Jones was treated at the hospital and is recovering. She wrote on Facebook that she was “baffled” by the thought that her injuries could have been far worse.

The city prosecutor has decided that Renee Jones will not face charges. Heavy left a message for Prosecutor Michael Scala for more details on that decision. We have not yet heard back.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Hanna Jones Had to Have Surgery On Her Right Elbow, Which Was Broken in Three Places

Hanna Jones said that she had intended to drop in at her mother’s house and surprise her. She arrived at the home on Ohio Avenue in Girard around 9 p.m. on August 30.

Jones shared what happened in a Facebook post, which has since been deleted. She acknowledged that she had inadvertently startled her mother, who lives alone. “As I ran through the door, she was in fear for her life and shot me.”

Jones explained that she “crouched down” and screamed after being shot in the arm. Her boyfriend, who had been outside at the time, ran to see what was wrong and called 911.

Jones required surgery. She explained in the now-deleted Facebook post that her right elbow had been broken in three spots. She has since been released from the hospital.

2. Hanna Jones: It ‘Baffles My Mind to Know I Could Be Dead’

Hanna Jones’ boyfriend quickly called for an ambulance after seeing that Hanna had been shot in the arm. NBC affiliate WFMJ-TV obtained a portion of the 911 call, which you can listen to here.

In the call, you can hear Hanna’s boyfriend say, “My girlfriend just came home from college and her mom didn’t know…She accidentally shot her and we don’t know what to do.” He added that Hanna was bleeding pretty badly.

Hanna Jones wrote in the now-deleted Facebook post that she was “beyond thankful to still be here on this earth today. I sure am lucky to still be here! It still baffles my mind to know that I could be dead, but thankfully I had an angel looking over me that night.”

Jones graduated from Girard Sr. High School in 2019, where she played softball.

3. Renee Jones Has a Concealed Carry Permit & Fired the Gun as Her Daughter Entered the Bedroom

Mom Accidentally Shoots Daughter Surprising Her from CollegeAn 18-year-old returned home from college to surprise her mother and ended up shot in the arm.2019-09-04T21:42:08.000Z

Renee Jones told police that she had been scared when she realized someone was in the house with her on August 30. She grabbed her gun when she heard a noise because she had not been expecting anyone and lives alone.

Renee said she fired the gun as she saw someone enter her bedroom, according to a police report obtained by WKBN-TV. She didn’t realize it was her daughter Hanna until after she had pulled the trigger. The gun was laying on the floor when police arrived.

Renee Jones has a concealed carry permit, according to Girard Police Chief John Norman.

4. Renee Jones Will Not Face Assault Charges

No charges for Girard mom who accidentally shot daughter trying to surprise herIt happened at a house on Ohio Avenue in Girard Friday night.2019-09-05T21:41:58.000Z

Gerard City Prosecutor Michael Scala has decided that Renee Jones should not face charges for shooting her daughter.

WKBN-TV, citing a statement from Scala, reported that he considered charging Jones with negligent assault. But he ultimately decided against charges because Hanna’s unexpected visit happened at night and Renee lives alone.

5. Ohio Law Stipulates That a Homeowner Can Use Force For Self-Defense & Is Not Required to Retreat First

Ohio’s Castle Doctrine was signed into law in 2008 by then-Governor Ted Strickland, a Democrat. The law protects homeowners who use force to protect themselves when faced with a threat inside their own home. If an intruder is inside the house, an Ohio homeowner is not legally required to retreat first.

Former NRA lobbyist Chris Cox explained back in 2008, “When you’re confronted by a criminal, you don’t have the luxury of time. Under the ‘Castle Doctrine’ provision, if someone breaks into your occupied home or temporary habitation, or your occupied car, you now have an initial presumption that you may act in self-defense and you will not be second-guessed by the State.”

Here is the wording in Ohio’s legal code:

“Subject to division (B)(2) of this section, a person is presumed to have acted in self defense or defense of another when using defensive force that is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm to another if the person against whom the defensive force is used is in the process of unlawfully and without privilege to do so entering, or has unlawfully and without privilege to do so entered, the residence or vehicle occupied by the person using the defensive force.

(2)(a) The presumption set forth in division (B)(1) of this section does not apply if the person against whom the defensive force is used has a right to be in, or is a lawful resident of, the residence or vehicle.”

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