South Dakota Man Says He’s Armed During Shockingly Racist Rant

Sioux Falls video suspect


Video of a South Dakota man riding a bike as he goes on a threatening, racist and xenophobic verbal rant against three young black men cautioning them he’s armed with a gun is being investigated by law enforcement.

Police in Sioux Falls confirmed to Heavy they’re investigating and while are “pretty sure” they know who the man is, have not yet made an arrest. “We’re still looking into it,” Sioux Falls Police public information officer Sam Clemens said.

In the 46-second clip posted to Facebook on Sept. 1, a gray-haired white man is seen riding a bicycle past three young black men yelling: “I’ve got a firearm on me, so you n*****s are going to follow me, just so you know.”

The video begins with the man heading toward them riding a bicycle on a sidewalk. One says, “What?”

“Damn, that’s how you feel, man?”

And the man stops his bike, turns and says, “What’d you say? What’d you say, n****r?

The three men can be heard saying the man has a firearm, that he has threatened them and called them n*****s. From a short distance, the bespectacled man on the bike wearing shorts and a black hoodie can be heard screaming:

“The east side was f*cking destroyed by n*****s!”

The men are stunned: “Damn.”

The man is still yelling: “Your communities are destroyed …Africa, no one wants to be there, that’s why you’re here!”

One of the men says he’s threatened to shoot them.

The man on the bike yells back, “I did not!”

They say they have recorded the threat.

One of the three who experienced the racist and xenophobic attack is the son of a woman named on Facebook as Ashley Eva Marie. Heavy has reached out for comment.

“I’m sharing this because in 2019 my son and his friends are walking Downtown Sioux Falls …Please share Thank you everyone who reached out to me, I have a name and a report was made, I’m leaving the video up because I believe this is something people should be aware of and that this is not how humans should act towards each other, especially our youth.”

Sioux Falls police spokesman Clemens told Heavy that the incident was reported “by a family member.” Clemens said that while South Dakota, which recently revised its conceal-carry laws permits people to be armed and say so, not as a threat however, which he says is part of the investigation. Clemens said that police have looked at the video and are still trying to determine if the suspect was armed and if he made “motions” he might use it. Clemens said they’re “looking into” it as a possible threat and hate crime.

Tens of thousands have viewed, shared or commented on the video with most calling his actions outrageous.

On Facebook, there are comments with the name of a man some believe is the suspect. Clemens said they have seen that name on Facebook but declined to discuss potential suspect names. A cursory online search of that name by Heavy showed no recent arrests.