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troy lee wilson

Midland County Jail Troy Lee Wilson is accused of shooting at four vehicles in Odessa, Texas, killing one person and injuring another in what police are called a "serial shooter" spree.

Troy Lee Wilson is the accused “serial shooter of West Texas” who has been arrested and charged in connection to a series of road-side shootings. Police say Wilson shot at drivers of vehicles pulled over on roads in the Odessa area, according to a report by CBS7. Described as a “serial shooter” in several media reports, Wilson was taken into custody Friday night. He is being held on $500,000 bond for capital murder, as well as $50,000 bond for evading arrest, Midland County Jail records show.

On Tuesday, September 23, the Ector County Sheriff’s Office reported two vehicle-related shootings at 12:45 a.m. and 7:36 a.m., respectively. There were no injuries. Then, at 4:45 p.m. that same day, another shooting was reported. The victim in the third shooting told authorities he was parked on the side of the road when he was shot in the stomach by someone. He was treated at the hospital for his injuries.

A fourth shooting was reported on Thursday, September 25. A victim was shot and found dead at the scene.

Wilson, 36, has not yet retained legal representation, according to the Midland County court records, where he is being held.

The victim who was killed has been identified as 31-year-old Juan Rosalez. Jesus Alvarado, 42, has been identified as the victim who was shot in the stomach and survived.

“The individual who is responsible is in custody,” Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis said on Monday, September 30. Griffis did not provide too much information about the case, saying, “We have many more days and weeks ahead of us to confirm some things we need to confirm related to this case so that we can make sure we get a good conviction and this guy goes to prison for the rest of his life. … I want to ensure the public that these people, like this individual, will be held accountable and we’re not going to tolerate this kind of stuff in our hometown.”

Here’s what you need to know about Troy Wilson:

1. Wilson Targeted & Shot at People Who Were Parked on the Side of the Road, but It Is Not Clear How He Picked His Targets, the Sheriff’s Department Says

Troy Wilson

The suspect, now identified as Troy Wilson, is accused of shooting at people who were parked on the side of the road.

Police have not said why the suspected gunman targeted those people. It is not clear if he knew the victims previously or if they were picked at random.

Per CBS7, an undercover officer saw Wilson driving in a white pickup truck on Friday evening and followed him. When he turned the siren on, the publication reports, Wilson could be seen reaching for an object inside the car, according to police. The police chase continued for four miles before Wilson finally pulled over.

According to KWTX-TV, there were four shootings reported in total over the course of the last week. Of those, two people were shot, and one person died; of the other two reported shootings, the vehicles were struck by gunfire but the people weren’t personally injured.

The arrest warrant is available here.

Police have identified the victim who was killed in one of the shootings as Juan Leonardo Rosalez. The 31-year-old man was shot twice in the head and killed, according to a local publication. The fatal shooting occurred while he and his brother, Eduardo Rosalez, were pulled over on the side of the road with vehicle trouble.

“We want everybody to pray for the family of the individual who is deceased, and they need your thoughts and prayers at this time,” Sheriff Griffis said.

Griffis said several agencies have been involved in the investigation, which is ongoing.

2. Wilson Posted a Cryptic Message to Facebook About ‘Renouncing’ Evil to Jesus Christ Hours Before One of the Shootings

A few hours before Wilson is accused of fatally shooting 31-year-old Juan Rosalez, he posted a cryptic status to Facebook. He wrote,

“Good morning to all hope you have a super blessed day and pray for all you can …… and go into prayer and renounce anything you can to Jesus Christ of evil in your life and or go into prayer ask him to speak in holly spirit in voice and tell what to renounce …… just say what it is in prayer and renounce in Jesus name amen ……..”

According to his Facebook, Wilson is married. He lives in West Odessa, and attended Permian High School. His job title reads “just another hand at Dennard Electric.”

This isn’t the first time Wilson has encouraged his followers to renounce evil. In fact, a quick scroll through his Facebook timeline shows that virtually all of his recent posts are about renouncing evil and praying to Jesus Christ.

On the 23rd, he wrote, “Good morning to all have a blessed day pray for all you and and go into prayer and renounce all you can outta your life that is from Satan in Jesus name amen ……”

And on the 24th, he wrote, “Good morning to all have a blessed day …… remember to renounce evil outta your life today and any other thing that is overwhelming your life of satan in Jesus Christ name …. and pray for all you can …… and love everyone you can …. god bless …..”

3. Wilson Graduated From Permian High School & Is an Odessa Native

Troy Lee Wilson is a resident and native of Odessa, Texas, according to his Facebook profile and public records. He graduated from Permian High School in 2001, according to his Facebook page.

Wilson says on his Facebook profile that he works at an odessa-based commercial and industrial electric company. He says on his page he is married.

His Facebook page shows a white pickup truck with the words “Cowboy Cadillac” on the back in blue.

4. He Has One Misdemeanor Conviction on His Record, Along With Several Traffic Cases

Possible serial shooter on the loose in OdessaPossible serial shooter on the loose in Odessa2019-09-28T03:17:28.000Z

A criminal history search through the Texas Department of Public Safety website shows that Wilson has just one criminal conviction on his record and it is for a misdemenaor case. He was convicted in 2005 of driving with an invalid license. He was found guilty and ordered to pay a fine and court costs.

Ector County court records show several traffic cases against Wilson, including a speeding ticket in March 2019. He was arrested in March 2018 on misdemeanor charges accusing him of driving with a suspended license with a previous conviction for the same offense, but he entered a pre-trial diversion program and was given six months of probation and ordered to complete community service.

5. The Arrest Comes Less Than a Month After a Gunman Opened Fire in Odessa, Killing 7 People & Injuring 22 Others, & the Sheriff Says They Are ‘Mad’ They Are Dealing with Another Shooting Incident

Gunman Identified In Texas Shooting RampageInvestigators have identified 36-year-old Seth Ator, from West Texas, as the gunman responsible for Saturday's mass shooting in Odessa.2019-09-02T00:19:59.000Z

The serial shooting spree comes less than a month after the town of Odessa suffered a mass shooting attack which left 7 people dead and 22 more injured. Seth Ator was soon identified as the man behind the shooting spree. He was shot and killed by police shortly after he went on a rampage on Interstate 20 during a traffic stop.

Ator used an AR-style rifle in the rampage, officials confirmed in a press conference. The rifle came from Romania.

Ator was fired from his job as a truck driver several hours before he went on the rampage; Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke confirmed that Ator was fired the morning of the shooting, and also confirmed that both Ator and his company had called the police after he was fired. Per USA Today, FBI agent Christopher Combs said Ator’s call to the FBI was a series of “rambling statements about some of the atrocities that he felt that he had gone through.”

Combs then suggested Ator’s mental health had been deteriorating for a while. “He was on a long spiral of going down,” Combs noted to the publication. “He didn’t wake up Saturday morning and go into his company and then it happened. He went to that company in trouble and had probably been in trouble for a while.”

Shortly after the rampage took place, the city of Odessa released the names of the people who lost their lives in the shooting. The ages of the victims ranged from 15 to 57 years old. Their names are: Mary Granados, Joseph Griffith, Rodolfo Arco, Leilah Hernandez, Kameron Brown, Edwin Peregrino, and Raul Garcia. You can learn more about the victims here. 

In a press conference on Friday, Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis pointed out the personal nature of an investigation like this for the men in his department, given how recently the mass shooting in Odessa took place.

He said, “This is happening in our home town again. My guys are mad that somebody’s doing this. They’re determined to get this guy.”

When asked by a reporter if he believed the series of shootings were a “copycat situation,” Griffis replied, “That I couldn’t speculate.”

On Monday, he added, “I hope and pray we never have to go through this in our hometown again. Its sickening. I was born and raised here. These are my people. I do not ever want anything like this or what happened on the 31st of August to happen again.”

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