Thousands Pack Trump’s Fayetteville, North Carolina Rally [PHOTOS]


Thousands packed the Expo Center where President Donald Trump hosted his Fayetteville, North Carolina rally tonight for his 2020 Presidential campaign. Many people had to stay outside once the venue was closed and watch in an overflow area. There were about 5,500 people on the inside, which was the venue’s maximum capacity for tonight, and many more outside in the overflow area. Read on to see crowd photos and learn more.

The Expo Center Was at Its 5,500 Capacity, & More Had to Stay in the Overflow Crowd Outside

The rally tonight was held at the Crown Expo Center on Coliseum Drive. It was originally going to be at Fayetteville Regional Airport, but the location was changed on September 6.


The Crown Expo Center has a crowd size capacity of 7,000. (The nearby Crown Coliseum can seat 13,500.) However, not all of the Expo Center was available tonight. Max capacity for the event tonight is 5,500, the Fayetteville Observer noted. About 90 minutes before the event they were already at 3,500.

By 30 minutes or so before the event was supposed to begin, the doors to the Expo Center were closed, as the crowd had reached capacity. People still in line had to join the overflow crowd and watch on a large screen outside.

Since the capacity for tonight was 5,500, it’s safe to say that more than 5,500 attended tonight’s rally, with many more gathered outside in the overflow area. Capacity was reached before the event even began and a large number of people had to watch outside.

Reporters at the scene also said that the capacity was nearing 5,500 about 30 minutes before the event started.

Some people didn’t stay for the overflow crowd but left, saying the rally was full.

Here Are More Photos & Videos from the Rally

Donald Trump Jr. was one of the first speakers and he warmed up the crowd while they waited for Trump to arrive.

Some protesters were there tonight too, but they didn’t get permits so they were asked to leave.

The rally was intended to get people excited about voting in a special elections race in North Carolina tomorrow, News Observer reported. When Rep. Walter Jones died, it opened up a seat in the 3rd District. Republican Greg Murphy is running against Democrat Allen Thomas, Constitution Party member Greg Holt, and Libertarian Tim Harris.

There’s also a race for the 9th District, whose results were nullified by the state elections board in November after issues with absentee ballots. In that race, Democrat Dan McCready is running against Republican Dan Bishop. Libertarian Jeff Scott and Green Party member Allen Smith are also running.

GettyPresident Donald Trump speaks with US Congressional candidate Dan Bishop (R) during a “Keep America Great” campaign rally,

Vice President Mike Pence also spoke today.


One guy in the crowd traveled nearly four hours to attend the rally today.

Here’s another video of the crowd.

Some supporters made their own signs.

A man wearing a World War II veteran hat was also at the rally. A woman in the audience said he was 100.

And here’s another crowd photo from tonight’s rally, showing a packed venue.

Here’s a look at the overflow crowd.

This video of people leaving the rally gives you another idea of the crowd size.

On Twitter, NC Values Coalition shared this photo.

Twitter/NC Values Coalition

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