VIDEO: Philadelphia Police Shooting Enrages Crowd [GRAPHIC]

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Disturbing video captures the sound of gunfire during a Philadelphia police shooting that enraged a neighborhood. You can watch videos from the scene in this article, but be aware that they are troubling and some of the language is graphic.

In the first video, you see a man standing on a sidewalk before gunfire erupts. “Officer, officer, officer, I got him, I got him,” a man yells in the first video. “They’re going to kill you bro,” a man says. It’s not clear what he’s talking about. “Back up. Back away… Drop that…” a man says. Gunshots ring out and then screams erupt. The video was posted on Twitter by Aaron Baskerville, a journalist with NBC10.

“Video shows man getting shot by Philadelphia Police. You can hear five gunshots. It happened near Front and Allegheny around 10:15pm,” Baskerville wrote. According to CBS Local, the shooting occurred in the Kensington section of Philadelphia around 10:15 p.m. Sept. 2, 2019, “at the intersection of Front Street and Allegheny Avenue.”

Here’s the first video.

The television station reported that, according to police, the incident started when officers “approached a vehicle where they saw a pedestrian in a volatile situation with people inside of the car.” At some point during that encounter, a man police say had a box cutter moved toward them and wouldn’t stop. He “lunged at the officers several times,” police told CBS.

In an update, Baskerville wrote, “Police say 28-year old officer fired his weapon several times. The man with a small pocket knife/box cutter is in critical condition. They say it started with some sort of disturbance with the man and another car.”

He then posted a second video to his Twitter account. This one shows the aftermath of the shooting, including unrest in the neighborhood. It also captures what appears to be an officer saying, “I tried. He was charging. Back up.”

“Ya’ll did not have to do that,” a man says. “We know him, man. Ya’ll didn’t have to f*cking shoot him, man….I told him I was going to talk to him.” Here’s that second video:

“The altercation was volatile enough where it looked like the Nissan was trying to back down the block while this individual was trying to hold onto the Nissan to continue this altercation,” Philadelphia Police Capt. Sekou Kinebrew said to NBC Philadelphia.

Frank Noble, a witness, told NBC10 that the shot man was homeless and didn’t lunge at officers. “He didn’t really lunge at nobody,” Noble said to NBC. “He was too high at the same time then he was trying to walk to the cops to give them the knife but next thing you know the cops, they ‘Bang. Bang. Bang.'”

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