Florida Man Cody Meader Had ‘Sex’ With Olaf Doll at Target: Cops

cody meader

Pinellas County Sheriff Cody Meader

Cody Meader was arrested after police said he masturbated onto a stuffed animal at a Target store in Pinellas Park, Florida.

The toy in question was a plush “Olaf” character from the Disney movie Frozen. For those who haven’t seen the movie, Olaf is the (adorable) snowman that Elsa and Anna first created as children.

Police said Meader, 20, carried out the sex act during regular business hours at the store on October 22, 2019. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Police Say Cody Meader Ejaculated Onto an Olaf Character Before Dry-Humping A Stuffed Unicorn

Cody Meader

Cody Meader

Cody Christopher Meader was arrested by an officer with the Pinellas Park Police. According to the criminal complaint filed in Pinellas County, Meader walked into the store during regular business hours and approached the Disney display featuring Frozen toys.

The officer explained that Meader picked up a stuffed “Olaf,” placed the toy on the floor, and dry-humped the stuffed snowman. Police said Meader “ejaculated onto the merchandise” before placing it back on the shelf.

Meader then went into a different area of the toys department and took a large stuffed unicorn from the shelf. Police said Meader proceeded to dry-hump this toy as well, but apparently did not… ahem.. finish a second time.

You can see the full criminal complaint here.

2. Meader’s Father Told Police That His Son Has a ‘History’ Of This Type of Behavior

Olaf from Target

Plush Olaf from Target

Cody Meader admitted to the police that he had done “stupid stuff” after entering the store. After being read his Miranda rights, Meader acknowledged to the arresting officer that he had “nutted” on the Olaf stuffed animal.

According to the criminal complaint, Meader’s father later told police that his son “has a history of this type of behavior.” Meader’s father was not present during the arrest at Target.

3. The Stuffed Animals Were Destroyed

Pinellas Park Target

Pinellas Park Target

Meader was arrested and booked into jail. Bond was set at $150 and Meader was released after a few hours.

Meader is facing a criminal mischief charge, which is a misdemeanor. According to the criminal complaint, the items damaged were valued at less than $200.

Police said the Olaf stuffed snowman and the unicorn “could not be re-sold” and that they were “destroyed due to circumstances.”

4. On the Criminal Complaint, Police Left Open the Possibility That Mental Health Could Have Been a Factor

Cody Meader

Cody Meader

Cody Meader was not under the influence of any illicit substances at the time of his arrest. The officer noted in the arrest report that Meader did not appear to have taken any drugs and had not been drinking alcohol.

The officer left open the possibility that a mental health issue could have been a factor. On the complaint, the officer checked “unknown” in the designated area that asked whether the defendant displayed any mental health issues.

5. Cody Meader Does Not Appear to Have Prior Arrests

Cody Meader

Cody Meader

Cody Meader does not appear to have prior arrests or charges on his record. A search of court records in Pinellas County, Florida, brings up only the current case involving the stuffed animals. Juvenile records are sealed in Florida. His name does not come up in a search of federal cases.

The criminal complaint notes that Meader does not have a job and is not in school. Meader’s home address listed on the complaint leads to a mobile home park in St. Petersburg, according to the Pinellas County Property Appraiser.

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