Henry Thomas, Elliott from ‘E.T.’, Accused of DUI in Oregon

Henry Thomas ET

Washington County Jail

Actor and celebrity Henry Thomas, best known for his role as “Elliott” from the movie “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial”, was arrested Monday for DUI in Oregon.

The Tualatin PD told TMZ that a concerned motorist called them around 8:30 PM PST on Monday to report that somebody was stopped in the middle of a residential intersection. When police arrived, they found Thomas passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle.

Cops had to physically wake the actor up. Police told TMZ that “Henry’s car didn’t reek of booze” but the actor had “signs of being intoxicated”. They arrested him and booked him at Washington County jail on suspicion of DUI.

He was booked for misdemeanor driving under the influence of intoxicants. Police did not say what substances they thought he was under the influence of.

Heavy.com spoke with the Washington County Prison learned that he was released at 9:37 AM this morning after police determined he was sober.

Thomas famously played “Elliott” in Steven Spielberg’s massively popular 1982 movie E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. The film broke the box office record (grossing $792 million on a budget of $10 million) which was held by Star Wars to become the highest-grossing film of all time. A record Spielberg later broke with “Jurassic Park”.

Thomas was nominated “Best Actor” awards at the Golden Globes and the Saturn Awards for his role as Elliott. The movie established him as a child star in Hollywood and led to starring roles in films such as “Misunderstood”, “Cloak & Dagger”, and “Frog Dreaming”.

He Previously Said He Avoided Drugs and Alcohol as a Child Star Growing Up in Hollywood

Henry Thomas

Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesBEVERLY HILLS, CA – AUGUST 04: Actors Henry Thomas (L) and James Cromwell speak onstage during the “Betrayal” panel discussion

Henry Thomas played country music legend Hank Williams in the musical biopic “The Last Ride” in 2012. Williams was a notorious substance abuser and Radar Online asked Thomas about his own history with drugs and alcohol in a 2012 interview.

“We lived in South Texas, so I didn’t grow up in Hollywood or Los Angeles, and my family weren’t in the industry and that helped a lot,” Thomas told Radar about not being as tempted as other child stars by drugs and alcohol.

“If your life revolves around the business then it is much more accessible. I’m sure if I was a teen or in my 20s and had a bunch of friends and running round and going out then I would have done the same thing that a lot of these young guys and girls did,” he revealed.

“I think the industry has changed so much from when I was a kid and working, it’s understood now that cocaine was prevalent in the film industry in the 80s. I think back to when I was a kid and realize now that a lot of crews I worked with were just fueled by coke but at the time I was oblivious.”

Thomas led a productive career as a child actor and didn’t succumb to drugs and alcohol abuse at an early age like some of his contemporaries including Cory Haim, River Phoenix, and Drew Barrymore.

“I was never really interested in hanging out in that scene, I did it from time to time but only as a tourist,” Thomas told Radar in 2012.

Thomas said he never abused alcohol or drugs which may still be the case even with his latest arrest. Police didn’t provide any details about the circumstances surrounding his arrest. The details they have released made it seem like alcohol was the source of Thomas’ intoxication.

Thomas Has Been a Successful Actor Ever Since ‘E.T’

Henry Thomas Steven Spielberg

LUCY NICHOLSON/AFP/Getty ImagesSteven Spielberg (L) welcomes original cast members Drew Barrymore (C) and Henry Thomas (R) to a 20th anniversary version premiere of his film “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial”, in Los Angeles, CA.

Henry Thomas broke has been regularly appearing in TV shows and movies ever since his breakout role as Elliott. While most child stars see their careers diminish as they get older, Thomas has been able to find steady work in high profile movies or TV Series.

He played “John Adams” in the History Channel miniseries “Sons of Liberty” which revolved around the American Revolution. He played Father Tom Hogan in the horror film Ouija: Origin of Evil and played “Tom” in the Netflix movie “Gerald’s Game”.

He was a recurring character on the hit Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House” where he played the younger version of family patriarch “Hugh Crain”.

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