Are the Kandy Welding Guy & Vacuum Guy in ‘Breaking Bad’?


There are two key characters on El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Netflix that fans may have some questions about. One is the “vacuum cleaner guy” known as Ed Galbraith. The other is the Kandy Welding guy that Jesse interacts with a lot. What are their backgrounds? Was either character on Breaking Bad? Read on for more details.

This article will have major spoilers for El Camino and Breaking Bad. 

The Vacuum Cleaner Guy (Ed Galbraith) Was on ‘Breaking Bad’

A big part of the storyline in El Camino revolves around Jesse trying to get enough money to buy a new life from “Vacuum Cleaner Guy” (otherwise known as Ed Galbraith). Jesse is ultimately able to achieve his goal. He’s given a new identity, including a new Social Security number and a new background. He memorizes all those details and practices them with Galbraith before taking off on his own.

Yes, Ed Galbraith was indeed in the Breaking Bad series too. He’s a legitimate vacuum cleaner salesman, but also doubles as a man with the unique skills needed to give someone a new identity.

The first time Galbraith appeared was in Granite State, the second-to-last episode on Breaking Bad. But Galbraith was referenced in previous episodes, as early as Season 4. Saul once mentioned Galbraith as a last resort for Walt when he was threatened.

Walt used him when he wanted to help Hank disappear, but he didn’t have enough money to follow through on the deal. Then Galbraith was used to help Jesse, but Jesse canceled his disappearance. Obviously that’s a decision he later came to regret.

Since Saul is closely connected to Galbraith, fans wonder if Saul might personally use Galbraith’s services one day.

Sadly, the actor who played Ed Galbraith – Rob Forster – has passed away. He died at the age of 78 after battling brain cancer. He passed away on Friday, the same day that El Camino premiered.

The Kandy Welding Man Was Not on ‘Breaking Bad’

As for the Kandy Welding man, no he was not in the Breaking Bad series. Although he was a part of Jesse’s world when Jesse was held prisoner during Breaking Bad, we did not see him on the series itself. He didn’t appear until El Camino, when we learned that he built the rig that was used to chain Jesse down. It took Jesse a bit, but he eventually remembered where he knew the guy from.

The Kandy Welding man might be a little hard to recognize between the flashback and present day at the Kandy Welding store. During the flashback where he did the welding for Jesse’s imprisonment, he had a very different haircut so he was tougher to recognize in the present-day scenes.

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