Pflugerville, Texas Fire Near Austin: Map, Photos & Updates

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A fire was spotted today in Pflugerville, Texas just north of Austin. Fire crews are already on the scene, but smoke can be seen from far away. Here is what we know so far.

The Brush Fire Is Near Highway 130 & Pflugerville Parkway

The brush fire is located near Highway 130 and Pflugerville Parkway, KXAN reported. Fire crews are already on the scene. The map below gives an approximate location of the fire.

The map below gives the general location of the fire, but keep in mind that this is not an exact location.

Some people in the area have said the fire is behind the Walmart in that region.

Residents Report That Traffic Is Blocked Near the Fire

Some residents in the region have reported that the fire (or smoke from the fire) has blocked traffic in the immediate region.

Another person in the region said on Twitter that the fire was in the field just east of the Pflugerville Community Church.

They recommended avoiding Pflugerville Parkway in that immediate region.

A local resident on Facebook made the same recommendation. They said that Railroad to 685 is blocked on Pflugerville Parkway.


A video of the fire is below.

One resident wrote on Facebook: “Traffic was being diverted from turning right on Pflugerville parkway to go straight on mammoth…it was backed up pretty bad.”

This is the second time SH 130 has been in the headlines today in Pflugerville, Texas.

Earlier today, a driver crashed onto a bridge in Pflugerville, was ejected from their car, and fell onto SH 130, CBS Austin reported. The crash happened at Pecan Street and 130. Northbound SH 130 was briefly shut down.

The current fire is one of a few in Texas. The state is not currently experiencing major wildfire issues and some parts of the state, including Austin, are expecting rain and cooler temperatures soon.

Inciweb’s map for Texas does not indicate any current major wildfires in the state.


This is very different from California, where numerous fires are currently burning. In fact, the Red Flag Warnings in California are so dire that PG&E had to cut off power in the area for hundreds of thousands of customers this week in order to minimize the fire threat.

Despite all the work to cut down on major fires in California, numerous fires are burning in the state today. Several new fires started today. Although most were brought under control, the Sandalwood Fire that has destroyed homes in a mobile park and is threatening a middle school in the area. The Reche Fire, not too far from Sandalwood, has also forced a number of evacuations.

Meanwhile in Texas, details are still developing about the Pflugerville Fire. So far, traffic has been diverted and there has been no call for evacuations. The Pflugerville Police have an active Twitter account and will likely post updates there. But if you have questions, you can call the Pflugerville Police at 512-990-6700.

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