Renee Greeley: Teacher’s Racial Slur Captured on Camera

renee greeley

School photo/Noel video screenshot Renee Greeley.

Renee Greeley is the Pennsylvania middle school teacher who was placed on administrative leave after being accused of unleashing a racist rant toward an African-American parent in the school parking lot, an encounter that was captured in a viral video.

The video shows a woman later identified as Greeley calling a black parent a “n*gger” and accusing him of being on welfare after a fender bender in the school parking lot. You can watch the video later in this article but be aware that it’s disturbing. Parent Rasheed Noel took the video and posted it on his Facebook page.

Greeley is listed as a teacher at Drexel Middle School in the Upper Darby School District, which is near Philadelphia.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Video Captures the Woman Named as Greeley Using the Racial Slur & Pacing Around the Parking Lot as She Accuses Noel of Being on Welfare

Here’s what happens on the video. You don’t see the fender bender that precipitated it, just the aftermath. “I guess she’s done cursing and screaming,” Noel says as the video starts. “You’re probably on welfare, too,” Greeley says as she seems to be wiping something off the truck’s bumper or checking it out. “Not even a little bit. Six figures a year,” says Noel.

“Bullsh*t,” responds Greeley. “It’s ‘cuz I’m young and I’m black is the reason why you would say that,” he says. “That’s right, because you’re black,” says Greeley.

Noel then tells her: “Probably on welfare.” Greeley retorts, “That’s right, always looking to milk the system. And you see me, a white woman, so you think I got money.”

Noel responds: “Not even a little bit. Don’t even look like you got it. Not even a little bit,” to which Greeley says, “Go back to your welfare, your section 8 house.” Noel then says he has a 3,200-square foot house. “Oh shut up,” Greeley says.

Noel tells Greeley repeatedly that she’s mad and nervous. “F*ck off, n*gger,” the video captures her saying. “I’m sorry?” Noel responds.

“You heard me,” Greeley said. “This situation can change real quick,” Noel says.

Greeley says: “Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?” Noel responds: “You better stay over there is what I’m going to tell you.”

“Oh yeah? Come on, bring it on,” says Greeley. The video then ends.

2. Noel Later Commended the Upper Darby School District ‘for Taking Quick Action’ After the Teacher Was Placed on Administrative Leave

Delco Times reported that the school district placed Greeley on administrative leave after she was identified as the woman in the video.

In a post on Facebook, Rasheed Noel said that he felt the school district handled the situation well.

“I commend the Upper Darby school district for taking quick action on this teacher at Drexel Hill Middle School. They are doing everything in their power to make sure people like this teacher become non existent in any school,” he wrote.

“Listen close at 1:17 what she calls me (N****). She hits my car and acts like this on school property in front of students and staff. After meeting with the superintendent of Upper Darby school district and his staff, I’m hear to say they absolutely care about their community. #ZeroTolerance.” Heavy has reached out to Noel for additional comment. Greeley has not made any public comment on the controversy.

3. Greeley Works as a Business Computer Teacher & Wrote That She’s Taught for at Least 23 Years

renee greeley

Renee Greeley

According to her LinkedIn page, Greeley works as a “Business Computer Teacher at Upper Darby School District” in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that she’s been with the district since 2008.

She appears on the website for Drexel Hill Middle School. The school’s website pitches the school as having a mission to “serve as a collaborative, student-centered community where…Dreaming is encouraged. Honor is expected. Motivation is celebrated and scholarship is achieved.”

On a Glogster page, Greeley wrote: “My name is Ms. Renee Greeley. This is my 23rd year of teaching. I am a Business/Computers/Information Technology Teacher in Upper Darby School District. I am certified to teach elementary education, middle school science, and BCIT. I am also certified to as an Instructional Technology Specialist and completed the Principal Certification program. I have taught middle school science, Language Arts, and Math.”

3. People Who Know Greeley Weighed in on Noel’s Comment Thread

renee greeley

Renee Greeley.

Noel’s comment thread filled up with remarks from people who know Greeley, including some who said they had her as a teacher. Many didn’t have flattering things to say. “always thought my computers teacher was … off didn’t think she was racist,” wrote one man.

“she’s disgusting. I HATED this woman. hate is a strong word & I hated her…ms greely. a computers teacher. I always had problems in her class,” wrote a female. Another student concurred, writing, “…my friend told me to download Facebook so I can see this vid… and I have her last year and she said so many mean things to u.”

renee greeley

A screenshot from the video.

Another person wrote, “Most likely, i feel uncomfortable knowing that I was in her class just the day before this happened.” A woman wrote, “My son just told me he had her 4 computers last year and computer camp this summer.” Wrote another mother, “That’s my son info tech teacher. I’m shocked…if she’s let back in the school, my son will not be in her class or I may take him out.”

4. Greeley Described Herself on Social Media as an ‘Adventure Chaser’

renee greeley

A screenshot of Renee Greeley’s deleted Facebook page.

A screenshot of her no longer available Facebook page showed Greeley on a motorcycle and read, “I’m an adventure chaser! I love sports, motorcycles, motocross, the beach, and outdoor activities!”

One woman wrote on Noel’s comment thread, “She had this quote at the end of a email she wrote to me last year. She def doesn’t live by it! ‘Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.’ Quote by Mother Teresa.”

renee greeley

Renee Greeley.

On Glogster, Greeley wrote that her hobbies included motorcycles, dirtbikes, technology, traveling, exercising and sports (basketball, football and baseball.) A photo on the page showed the set of a local television station.

5. Greeley Also Worked at the Local YMCA

renee greeley

Facebook/Rasheed NoelA screenshot from the video.

According to Delco Times, Greeley also worked at the Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County, which ended her employment and confirmed it was her in the video Noel posted.

“When we discovered, and were made aware of what happened, we removed her from service,” said Community YMCA CEO Michael Ranck to the newspaper. “We took action because the alleged behavior that was displayed does not fit with our mission, values and expectations of staff.”

Upper Darby School District Superintendent Daniel P. McGarry told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the district would conduct formal hearings on the incident and is taking it “extremely seriously.”

“This is deeply troubling and disturbing, and this clearly isn’t who we are as a district,” McGarry said to the newspaper. “We’ll follow all of our procedures and use this as an opportunity to galvanize around each other to say we’re better than this, and that no one should be spoken to that way.”

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