Democratic Debate Recap in Memes: Best Jokes & Tweets


A lot of serious topics were discussed during the Democratic debate on November 20, 2019. But there were a lot of highlights, jokes, and tweets during the debate too. Here’s a recap of some of the best highlights, jokes, and tweets from tonight.

Tulsi Had a Couple Showdowns with Different Candidates

Kamala Harris and Tulsi Gabbard had a showdown that’s been months in the making and social media couldn’t stop talking about it.

Near the end of the debate, Tulsi Gabbard and Pete Buttigieg had their own showdown, when Buttigieg said she sat down with dictators, and Gabbard said that he wouldn’t have the courage as President to meet with both adversaries and friends. This was a bigger showdown than she had with Harris and no one was expecting it.

Biden Said He’d Keep Punching at Domestic Violence

Joe Biden said he’d keep punching at women’s domestic violence issues. That got a few cringes and a lot of jokes online.

That wasn’t his only gaffe tonight. He said that the only black Senator had supported him, and Kamala Harris had to speak out that she’s also a black Senator.

Bernie’s ‘Other than That’ Jokes Got A Lot of Attention

Bernie Sanders had a lot of funny quips tonight. When Biden said that Kim Jong-Un had once called him a rabid dog who needed to be beaten, Sanders joked: “But other than that, I like him.”

Klobuchar’s Hair Was the Meme Leader

Amy Klobuchar’s hair got a lot of attention. The way her hair was curled made it look like she was shaking a lot during the debate (although it was likely just her hair that was shaking.)

Every time she talked, viewers couldn’t stop talking about her hair.

Booker’s Marijuana Joke Was Perfect

Cory Booker had a lot of great moments tonight that got memes and tweets. He joined in the conversation about black voters, pointing out that he’s been one his entire life and he wasn’t asked a question on the topic when others were.

And he makes a point to make a marijuana joke during every debate, and tonight was no exception. He said that Biden “must have been high” when he said he didn’t want to legalize marijuana. Biden’s expression while he made his statement was priceless. Biden said that he wants it decriminalized but also wants to study it more.

Many believed Kamala and Booker made a great team.

Yang Was Asked a Tough Question about Putin

Yang was asked what he would say in his first call to Putin if he won. He said, “First I’d say sorry I beat your guy.” Warren quipped: “Sorry not sorry.”

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