Emma Dumain: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Emma Dumain

Twitter Emma Dumain poses for selfies on Twitter.

Emma Dumain is a congressional journalist for McClatchy Newspapers that was caught on camera aggressively chugging a cup of coffee at Tuesday’s impeachment hearings. A video of her was captured on national television and went viral on social media.

Dumain was spotted in the background enthusiastically finishing her cup of coffee as Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified. Users on social media captured the moment on their phones and uploaded videos of Dumain’s attention-grabbing coffee consumption.

The reporter told Slate that she was there because the reporters at McClatchy Newspapers “always want to make sure that we have someone in the room in case all hell breaks loose. And I was that body in the room today.”

She says she was aware that her colleagues could see her on TV and that she was “in the lens of the live shot”, she did not know that the camera was going to be trained on witnesses the entire time and did not think her coffee chug was captured. “The bottom line is I had no idea in the moment that that was being captured in real time. Zero.” She told Slate.

Her colleagues quickly notified her that her coffee drinking had been captured on national television. “I think within minutes. I got a text from a colleague who said, ‘Are you at the hearing? That was some intense coffee-drinking.'” She said, ‘Then I saw a tweet from a congressional reporter colleague who said, “Emma Dumain mainlining coffee on live TV right now is all of us.'”

Emma Dumain covers Congress and congressional leadership for McClatchy DC and the company’s other newspapers around the country. She currently lives in Mt. Pleasant with her husband Adam, and our two cats, Rosa and Emily.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Emma Dumain is a New Mother

Emma Dumain’s affinity for coffee my have something to do with her new baby. She her first child, Flora, on April 3, 2018. She posted a photo on Twitter and captioned it “Baby Flora has arrived. See you in 12 weeks, Twitter.” in reference to her maternity leave.

She had to drop off her new toddler before running over to the Capitol. “It was my first coffee of the day—I didn’t have time to make coffee at home in the morning. I had dropped my toddler off at day care, I was rushing to get to the Capitol on time so they wouldn’t give away my seat, so I was still in the process of caffeinating and I really wanted to get every last drop.” She told Slate.

2. She’s an Aspiring Artist

Emma Dumain Pottery

Pottery created by Emma Dumain

Emma Dumain is an amateur illustration and ceramics artist who sells her creations online. In the “about” section of her website, she calls herself “A political journalist by day and a potter and illustrator by night (and on weekends)” and says that she’s “finally putting my artwork up online with friends, family and strangers.”

There is currently nothing for sale on the website but Dumain says she is accepting commissions for pieces in a variety of mediums including pottery, prints, and cards.

It appears that the website has been dormant for some time according to the site blog that was last updated in May 2016.

3. She Playfully “Stalks” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham Every Tuesday in the Senate

Dumain started a hashtag on Twitter, #tuesdayswithlindsey in 2017, that documents her weekly attempts to catch up with South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham. At the time, Dumain was the South Carolina correspondent for McClatchy responsible for “covering the South Carolina Congressional delegation and state news from Capitol Hill and Washington, D.C. Stories featured on the McClatchy DC website and inside the company’s five South Carolina newspapers: The State, the Sun News, the Island Packet, the Beaufort Gazette and the Rock Hill Herald.” according to her LinkedIn profile.

The hashtag turned into a running with her colleagues who regularly commented or retweeted her Tuesday statuses. “Can’t wait for today’s episode. #tuesdayswithlindsey” he colleague and fellow SC journalist wrote on Twitter. She even had her colleague fill in when she was on maternity leave.

Another friend gave her praise for her efforts to talk to Senator Graham. “Mad props to @Emma_Dumain for taking off her shoes to sprint and catch Lindsey Graham.”

4. She’s Been Caught in the Background of Live TV Before

The coffee incident wasn’t Dumain’s first time accidentally appearing on TV. She was caught on MSNBC in 2017 during one of her attempts to get a comment from Senator Lindsey Graham. She tweeted a screenshot of the photo and added a dash of self-deprecating humor.

“Sorry to all the live shots out there. This is why I’m a print reporter, folks.” She wrote. There are no theatrics in this particular incident, she was merely standing in the shot.

5. She Loves Museums

Dumain is a big fan of museums according to her Twitter profile. In 2017, she posted a photo from the National Portrait Gallery and said, “Perk of a party at a museum is you get to walk through the exhibits.”

She also posted 20+ photos from the opening of The Smithsonian Museum of African American History & Culture in 2016, extensively showcasing various exhibits and installations.

As a journalist working and living in DC, she is surrounded by some of the best museums and historical buildings in the country. She regularly posts photos exploring these places.

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