JN Vang: Hmong Singer Injured in Fresno Shooting

JN Vang

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JN Vang, a popular Hmong singer, was shot during a mass shooting in Fresno and survived. Xy Lee, another well-known Hmong singer, was also shot and tragically died, according to a Hmong news channel.

JN Vang was among 6 people who were shot and survived at a gathering to watch Sunday night football. Four people were killed, including Lee. Two suspects sneaked onto the property with semiautomatic pistols and began shooting indiscriminately into a backyard on East Lamona Avenue at about 8 p.m. There were 16 people in the yard – all men. Three of the men were found dead on the scene, and a fourth was rushed to a hospital, where he died, according to Fresno police. Women and children were also at the gathering, but many of those in attendants had recently gone inside because the weather was becoming cool.

The neighborhood is heavily populated by Hmong people, an ethnic group from southeast Asia. Police Deputy Chief Andrew Hall said police had never been called to the address before. He described the neighborhood as a quiet, working-class neighborhood during a press conference held at 11 a.m. Monday. Pao Yang, a spokesperson for the Fresno Center, also spoke during the press conference. He knew both singers personally because of their involvement with the Fresno Center.

“It’s a dark day in our community, not only in our Hmong community but also, I think, in our Fresno community,” Yang said.

Here’s what you need to know:

JN Vang & Xy Lee Performed for the Non-Profit Fresno Center

Both JN Vang, who survived the Fresno mass shooting, and Xy Lee, who was tragically killed at the same event, were popular Hmong singers who were actively involved in the Hmong community and in the Fresno community, according to Pao Yang of the non-profit organization, the Fresno Center. He spoke at a press conference at 11 a.m. Monday.

“These are people that are near and dear to us,” said Yang. “I don’t see any gang affiliation with these folks.”

Yang said he was “very disturbed.”

“At the moment, I don’t know what to say,” he said.

Yang said community elders are calling the Fresno Center for assistance. He thanked police for the rapid response, and thanked the Fresno community for its support.

“Our community is in mourning. We still don’t know what’s going on, or who the suspects are,” he said.

JN Vang Was Shot & Rushed to the Hospital for Emergency Surgery

JN Vang was one of those who was shot and survived at a family gathering in Fresno to watch football. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, and survived his injuries, according to Hmong Talk, a Hmong news service.

“The singer JN Vang was also confirmed to be one of the victim that was shot at the gathering!” the group posted on Facebook Sunday night. “Fortunately he is currently undergoing surgery right now! Hoping and praying for a fast recovery!”

Hundreds of fans commented on the post, speaking about his singing voice and wishing him a speedy healing process.

“The best voice that I ever heard,” one person wrote. “Pray for you to recover soon.”

“Hope you heal up brother,” another person wrote. “Get better.”

Vang posted on Facebook Monday afternoon, thanking everyone for their concern.

Hmong Celebrities also posted that JN Vang was injured, and shared one of his music videos.

“JN vang was also one of the victims of the mass shooting, but going through surgery,” the group wrote. “Praying for a fast recovery.”

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