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Alexis Crawford’s body was found on November 8 after she had been missing since late night on October 30. Her roommate had claimed that she hadn’t seen Alexis Crawford since she drove her back from a liquor store and saw her in the apartment later that night. But Atlanta Police reported on November 8 that either Crawford’s roommate or her roommate’s boyfriend led police to Crawford’s body. Both Crawford’s roommate Jordyn Jones (sometimes spelled on social media as Jordan) and Barron Brantley are considered suspects and are being charged in Crawford’s death. Both have been arrested. Here is what we know so far. This is a developing story.

1. Jordyn Jones or Her Boyfriend Led Investigators to Alexis Crawford’s Body

TwitterJordyn Jones

Alexis Crawford’s body was found in a park off Columbia Drive in DeKalb County, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said during a press conference on November 8.

Either Jordyn Jones, Crawford’s roommate, or Jones’ boyfriend, Barron Brantley, led police to Alexis Crawford’s body. Shields didn’t clarify which of the two led them to Crawford’s body.

Police secured arrest warrants for both Jordyn Jones, 21, and Barron Brantley, 21. WSBTV reports that both are expected to be charged with murder.

Brantley has been arrested and charged with murder. Brantley had past criminal charges. In February, Brantley spent two weeks in jail after a family violence incident, CBS 46 reported. Jail records indicate charges as including battery (family violence), cruelty to children, hindering persons making an emergency telephone call, simple battery, and theft by taking.

According to Fulton County records, his full name is Barron Renwick Brantley. He’s 6’1″ and 175 pounds. Jail records indicate his offense date as October 31 and the Atlanta Police Department charging him with murder. He also has probation violations connected to his February arrests. He’s listed as being booked into jail on November 8, 2019.

In September 2018, battery, criminal trespass, and other charges were listed against him. In August 2018, he was also charged with speeding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and without insurance, and eluding a police officer, according to jail records. In 2015 he was charged with robbery.

Atlanta Police Department

Jordyn Jones was also arrested on Saturday afternoon, November 9. Jail records show she’s been charged with murder.

CBS 46 reported that Alexis Crawford died from asphyxiation.

2. Just Days Before She Went Missing, Crawford Filed a Police Report Against Jones’ Boyfriend & Had a Rape Kit Done

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The department took a police report from Alexis Crawford on October 27, 2019, just days before she disappeared, the police shared during the press conference.

In the police report, Crawford talked about being subjected to unwanted kissing and touching from Jones’ boyfriend, the police chief said in a press conference. But police said they have not fully determined a motive.

“The case has come to one of the saddest conclusions possible,” Shields said on Friday.

You can watch the press conference where the heartbreaking announcement was made in the video below.

Later, more details came out about what happened to Crawford before she disappeared. CBS 46 reported that she had filed a report with the Atlanta Police Department, saying that she, Jones, and Brantley were drinking that October 27th night. She said Brantley had kissed and touched her against her will, rubbing his hands on her shoulder and kissing her neck. He claimed he mistook her for his girlfriend, Jones.

But when Crawford went to her room, he followed her into her bathroom. Crawford blacked out and didn’t recall Brantley being in the room with her. Jones said she knocked on the door over and over until Brantley left, with his shirt off, claiming he didn’t sleep with Crawford. Crawford was lying on the bathroom door wearing only her bra. She later had a rape kit done at a local hospital.

3. Jones Said She Took Crawford to a Liquor Story Late at Night on October 30 & Then Saw Her in the Apartment Later

Alexis Crawford, shared by Atlanta PD

Jordyn Jones, Alexis Crawford’s roommate, had originally said that she took Alexis to a liquor store around 11:30 p.m. on October 30 and then went back home, 11 Alive shared. She said she saw Alexis around 12:30 a.m. on October 31. When she woke up, Alexis wasn’t there and the front door was locked, she claimed.

Alexis’ cell phone, ID card and debit card are all missing. But her cell phone charger and her apartment key were left behind, CBS 46 reported.

Police did find images of Crawford at the liquor store at 595 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in Atlanta, 12 News Now reported.

These were the last known images of Crawford alive.

4. Jordyn Jones Once Retweeted a Post About How ‘Disgusting’ It Is That So Many Women Are Assaulted

According to Jones’ Twitter account, she is close to turning 22.


Last year she talked about how she had been waiting to turn 21 since she was 16.


She retweeted posts about how it was important for women to speak up for themselves.


Her bio reads that she’s from Michigan and to “never question greatness.”


She also retweeted a post from someone who wrote: “It’s a disgusting reality that every woman you know has most likely been sexually assaulted or harassed.”


Although her Instagram account is now private, someone who follows her on Instagram mentioned that she had been posting about Crawford being missing before she made her account private.

Some photos have been cached three months ago or longer, but those do not include the photos from when she posted about Crawford.

She also reportedly shared this message.

Here are some of her past cached Instagram posts. For her birthday she wrote: “Beyond blessed to make it to 21. Thanks for all the birthday wishes today! Merry Christmas.” It’s a photo that she has also shared on her Twitter account.


About a year ago, she posted that she wasn’t feeling happy because college was stressing her out. “Y’all the first picture is a super throwback but I just wanna be this pretty and happy again because college got me stressed tf out and I can’t sleep,” she wrote.


According to her Facebook page, she went to Avondale High School before attending Clark Atlanta University, and lived in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

She hasn’t posted to her Twitter account since March.

5. Alexis Crawford Wasn’t Comfortable Sleeping in Her Bedroom

FacebookAlexis Crawford

Crawford hadn’t been comfortable sleeping in her own bedroom, although the reason why wasn’t shared.

She had some kind of unknown incident on October 26 in her bedroom that left her not feeling comfortable sleeping there, 11 Alive reported. Ever since that night, she had been sleeping in the living room.

Later, it was revealed that she felt so uncomfortable because of the incident described earlier in this article with Brantley. She filed a police report against him after she blacked out and later realized he was in a bathroom with her and she was disrobed. He had touched her and kissed her without her consent earlier. She had a rape kit done at a local hospital, 11 Alive reported.

Alexis Crawford’s family last spoke to her on October 30 and said she was in happy and laughing, 11 Alive reported. They talked during a FaceTime call around 3:23 p.m. on October 30. Monica Wright told 11 Alive that her sister asked for some money through Cash App, her father agreed.

Alexandria Crawford, another sister, said she texted Alexis around 8:44 p.m. on October 30 and asked what her weekend plans were, 11 Alive shared. Alexis texted back “nothing” and didn’t say anything else. Then around 9:03 p.m. on October 30, she posted to Instagram and around 9:24 p.m. she posted laughing emojis in response to an Instagram message. That was the last they heard from Crawford.

Crawford grew up in Athens and was one of 10 children, WSBTV reported.

Clark Atlanta University released a statement from the university President, Dr. George T. French Jr., about the heartbreaking news.

This is a developing story.

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