Your Must-See News Headlines for Today, November 8

A major vaccine mix-up put several people in the hospital this week after an intended flu shot turned out to be insulin.

Another fight at a Popeyes, this time in Texas, has viewers buzzing as video of the confrontation goes viral.

And today marks one year since hell came to Paradise, California.

Here’s what you need to know in the daily roundup.

TOP STORY: Patients Mistakenly Given Insulin Instead of Flu Shots

A major medication mix-up put 10 people from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in the hospital this week. Police said a pharmacist, who had meant to administer flu shots, injected the victims with insulin instead.

The incident happened at a care facility called the Jacquelyn House, which services people with intellectual disabilities. Eight patients and two employees were among those who received insulin shots. They were all transported to a hospital and are expected to recover.

At this point, police say the mix-up appears to have been a genuine accident. The pharmacist who administered the shots has been in practice for about 4 decades. Police Chief Tracy Roles told local outlet KOTV that the pharmacist has been cooperative in the investigation.

The Centers for Disease Control has urged anyone over age 6 months to get vaccinated before flu season officially begins in December. The injection can take about two weeks to build immunity to the flu, which is why doctors recommend getting the vaccine in October or early November. Last year, the CDC estimated that about 40 million people got sick with the flu and that the illness contributed to at least 36,000 deaths.

WHAT’S BUZZING THAT HAS EVERYONE TALKING: Popeyes Worker & Customer Hurl Trays At Each Other

Another fight at a Popeyes was caught on camera and is going viral online. The fight happened at a restaurant in San Antonio earlier this week.

A witness explained to KSAT-TV that as she was waiting in line for a sandwich, she saw a young woman enter through the side door. The witness said she thought the woman may have been in the drive-thru lane. She was arguing with one of the employees behind the counter.

The video that was shared on social media begins a few seconds before the Popeyes worker hurls a tray at the young woman, who immediately throws it back. The young woman looked as if she wanted to go over the counter, but she was pulled back by an older man wearing a veteran’s hat. She appeared to try to hit the man, but from the angle of the video, it is difficult to tell whether she landed the punch.

The witness further explained that the manager of the Popeyes went outside to speak to the young woman, but that they too ended up in a fistfight. This incident happened one day after a man was stabbed to death outside of a Popeyes in Maryland, over an argument about whether someone had cut in line. The victim was later identified as Kevin Tyrell Davis.



Today marks one year since the deadly Camp Fire destroyed nearly all of Paradise, California, a city located about 170 miles northeast of San Francisco. The fire burned for more than two weeks, scorching about 240 square miles in northern California. See images and maps here.

When the flames reached Paradise, the destruction was swift. By the time it was over, 85 people had lost their lives. More than 11,500 homes and other structures were destroyed. In the aftermath, 90 percent of the population of the town, which used to number 26,000 people, left the area. It was later determined that the utility company Pacific Gas & Electric had been responsible for sparking the flames; the origin of the wildfire was traced back to a faulty transmission line. The company has since filed for bankruptcy.

Memorials were planned for today to remember the 85 people killed. Paradise now has a population of 4,000 and those who remained have been determined to rebuild.

Netflix also recently debuted a documentary about the wildfire featuring stories from survivors. Read Heavy’s review here.


  • Meteorologists are warning about a “big cold” coming next week that is expected to shatter mid-November records.
  • College student Aniah Blanchard, who is the stepdaughter of UFC heavyweight star Walt Harris, has been missing since October 24. Ibraheem Yazeed has been arrested for her alleged kidnapping.
  • A pilot was killed after crashing into a home in Upland, California.
  • A Buffalo Wild Wings employee died and several others were sicked after being exposed to a strong cleaning chemical in Burlington, Massachusetts.
  • Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is again considering running for president as a Democrat.


This weekend, adults may be just as interested in the Happy Meals at McDonald’s as their kids. The fast-food chain has resurrected some of its most popular toys in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Happy Meal.

McDonald’s first launched the kids’ option in 1979. Some of the earliest toys included a “McDoodler stencil” and a spinning top.

Through Monday, November 11, McDonald’s is giving out toys such as the Space Jams Bugs Bunny, the Cowboy McNugget, Power Rangers action figures, and a Tamagotchi. You can see the full list here.

McDonald’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Colin Mitchell, said in a news release, “Parents tell us how fondly they recall their favorite toys. So, unboxing the Surprise Happy Meal together creates a real moment of bonding with their children. We hope these toys are something that they will treasure and remember.”

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