Lauryn Elaine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lauryn Elaine is the Playboy Playmate model who told police that she was robbed by three masked men who tied her up using a dog leash.

The break-in happened November 6, 2019, at her home in North Hollywood.

TMZ first reported on the robbery. Heavy reached out to the Los Angeles Police Department for a copy of the report. A department official responded via email that they were not making the report public because “the narrative has information which is important in this ongoing investigation.”

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Report: Three Burglars Stole $30,000 In Cash From Elaine’s Home

Lauryn Elaine told the police that she got home shortly before midnight on Wednesday, November 6. According to TMZ, she noticed that the front door was open.

Elaine said she encountered three robbers, all of whom were wearing masks. At least one of the suspects was armed with a weapon. Elaine said one of the robbers pointed a gun at her and demanded that she open her safe.

The robbers got away with more than $30,000 in cash. They also took Elaine’s purse.

2. Lauryn Elaine Says The Robbers Restrained Her Using a Dog Leash

Lauryn Elaine does not appear to have been physically harmed during the break-in. But the robbers did buy themselves time to get away by restraining Elaine and preventing her from immediately calling the police.

The robbers reportedly tied Elaine up using a dog leash. After they left, Elaine was able to free herself and find help. The suspects have not yet been identified.

TMZ shared a video of Lauryn Elaine’s home following the robbery. At the beginning of the clip, you can see what appears to be the empty safe laying open on the floor. Elaine pointed to the spot where she says the robbers restrained her– next to a dresser in what appears to be a closet. The home was ransacked, with many items broken and tossed around.

3. In 2017, Lauryn Elaine & Two Other Playboy Models Were Detained By Immigration Officials In Mexico

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The break-in at her home was not the first time Lauryn Elaine has been thrown into a scary situation. In June of 2017, Elaine and two other models, Elif Celik from Turkey and Marie Brethenoux from France, were detained while attending a Playboy Music Fest in Merida, Mexico.

Law enforcement officials reportedly believed that the three women were being paid to be at the festival. This would have been illegal because they only had tourist visas. However, Elaine says they were not paid for their attendance.

Elaine told Fox News at the time that she and the other two women attended the event in order to gain publicity. “Around midnight, immigration came and busted into our party when all of us girls were sitting at our VIP tables enjoying champagne and music. They then rounded us up into a large room and weeded us all out by checking everyone’s IDs… We do not get paid for these events so we were wrongfully taken because they abused their authority and thought they could shake down Playboy Mexico by taking us.”

The three women were held in a cell for nearly 24 hours while the misunderstanding was sorted out. Elaine said they had to beg the police officers to give them food and water. Playboy Mexico referred to the incident as an “abuse of authority” on the part of the officers.

Elaine, Celik and Brethenoux were later put on the cover of Playboy Mexico for its August 2017 issue.

4. Lauryn Elaine Is a California Native & Has Hinted About Having Had a ‘Rough’ Childhood

Lauryn Elaine has kept details of her private life out of the spotlight. Playboy has described her as being from California. On her Facebook page, Elaine simply describes herself as American-born. But she also included a link to a separate site that listed her hometown as Oceanside, California. The page lists her birthday as March 27, 1989.

In an Instagram post from November of 2018, Elaine explained to her fans that she had been working on recording new music. In the caption, she described her childhood as “rough” without getting into specifics.

“I’ve been working my little butt off for the past few years training my voice, and now it’s finally time I show the world my ultimate dream, passion, and to share my emotional past experiences!!! I know I don’t share much with you guys, and I keep a pretty private life but mine has been an extremely rough one from the start. Since my life’s been so rough I have a lot to share and all I want is to give hope to people, inspire minds and give you all the feels!”

5. Lauryn Elaine Has Been Modeling For Playboy Since At Least 2016

Lauryn Elaine notes on her professional Facebook page that she “earned herself real bunny ears” when she posed for Playboy Mexico in December of 2016 for the first time. She was also named Playmate of the month.

In addition to modeling, Elaine has pursued acting and singing. Her Instagram page lists that she is featured on Playboy TV. Elaine adds on her Facebook page that “for four years she did many skits and improv on a classic Playboy TV show aired on HBO called The Playboy Morning Show.”

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Elaine also runs a YouTube channel documenting her travel experiences. The day before the break-in at her home in North Hollywood, Elaine shared a video from her first trip to Paris.

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