VIDEO: 10 Year Old Semaj O’Branty Shot in Philadelphia

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A disturbing video shows the moment that 10 year old Semaj O’Branty was caught in a shooting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thankfully, the boy survived the shooting. He was in critical but stable condition, though. You can see the video later in this article.

The video shows two men fleeing gunfire that erupted from a car with the small boy, wearing a red jacket, in between them on the sidewalk. Be forewarned that the video is troubling, although it stops right before the boy is actually shot and doesn’t show that exact moment.

Kimberly Davis, of CBS3, wrote on Twitter that Semaj O’Branty was waiting for his mother outside a corner store in Frankford. Deputy Commissioner Joe Sullivan told ABC6 that the shooter was in a red or maroon Pontiac G6.

“Another child has been hit with gunfire at the hands of a coward,” said Sullivan to the television station.

“This is unacceptable. We have to join police and the community. We have to come together. We have to work together and get people like this off the street before another one of our children is injured,” the police commander said in the press conference.

Here’s the video:

Semaj is expected to pull through. He was struck by a stray bullet intended for someone else.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Man Near Semaj Was the Intended Target, Reports Say

According to NBC Philadelphia, the boy went up to a man who was standing in a group of men around 3:30 p.m. on November 6, 2019 on Torresdale Avenue.

“He shakes his hand,” Philadelphia Police Captain John Walker said, according to the television station. “We believe he knows the kid because his father lives right around the corner.” That’s when the car drove up and a person inside opened fire, hitting the boy in the back of the head. Another man pulled out a gun and fired back.

CBS Philadelphia reported of the latter man, “Police say the man in custody was trying to shield 10-year-old Semaj O’Branty from gunfire. Police say he then returned fire after the boy was struck in the head.”

According to ABC6, Semaj is involved in church. “He’d put on his little knit hat and apron on and gloves and he’ll serve the kids the food,” said Pastor Richard Smith with Faith Assembly of God to the TV station.

Sullivan added in the press conference: “Every resource within this department is now actively involved in this investigation and we are going to stop at nothing to make an apprehension of these individuals.”

“He tries to cover the kid and protect the kid, but the kid takes a shot and you see him go down in the video,” Philadelphia Police Capt. John Walker said to CBS Philadelphia.

The gunman is at large.

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