Warrenton Shooting Victims Seek Help at Home Depot

warrenton shooting

Google Maps There were reports of a Warrenton shooting at a Walmart parking lot.

Two people were shot in a car after a confrontation at a Walmart parking lot in Warrenton, Virginia, and then drove to a Home Depot to report the shooting, Warrenton officials reported.

“At approximately 5:15 pm law enforcement was dispatched to the Home Depot parking lot in Warrenton for a shooting,” the Town of Warrenton, Virginia wrote in a statement. Journalist Allison Papson wrote, “A vehicle matching the description of the vehicle wanted for the Walmart Parking lot shooting crashed on Ritchie Rd & Elk Run Rd. 3 males exited the vehicle and are believed to be armed and dangerous. Neighbors are being asked to shelter in place.”

The police statement said that, upon arrival, “it was determined that the shooting occurred next-door at the Walmart in Warrenton. A male and female victim became engaged in a confrontation in the parking lot in front of Walmart while they were inside of a vehicle they were shot, the shooter left the scene and the victims drove next-door to Home Depot to call 911.”

Authorities added: “Initial investigation-the victims were involved in a confrontation in the Walmart parking lot. The shooter shot into the car and left. The victims drove next door to a Home Depot parking lot and called 911. They were Transported to a local hospital and are being treated for non life threatening injuries. There is currently a very large law-enforcement presence at both Walmart and Home Depot and Warrenton please avoid the area.”

The initial reports said the shooting occurred at Home Depot, likely due to the massive law enforcement response there, but it now turns out that the shooting occurred at the Walmart parking lot nearby. Google Maps shows that the Walmart is next door to the Home Depot. The shooting victims are a man and woman, according to Fox5DC.

You can listen to live scanner traffic from the Faquier County Sheriff’s Department here. Here’s a 2013 photo of the Home Depot in Warrenton.

Citizens took to social media to express concern and report seeing the massive law enforcement response at the scene. There is no official word of any active shooter type situation, though. The Home Depot in question is located at 200 block of Alwington Blvd in Warrenton, VA. Warrenton is a community of fewer than 10,000 people located in Fauquier County, Virginia. Details were just unfolding as news of the shooting situation broke.

Here’s what you need to know:

People in the Community Reported a Massive Law Enforcement Response at the Home Depot

“Does anyone know what’s going on at Home Depot In warrenton every cop ambulance and fire truck are there and it’s all blocked off,” wrote one woman on Facebook. Another woman wrote, “police…said there was a situation behind the building.”

“When I left work I saw tons of police around Walmart. I guess there was a shooting … So crazy since Warrenton has always seemed like a peaceful place. I hope everyone is okay,” a woman wrote on Facebook. “So that’s why I I saw deputies blowing down 605 like bats out of hell,” wrote another.

This post is being updated as more information is learned about the Warrenton shooting.

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