Yvonne Serrano: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

yvonne serrano

Broward County Sheriff Yvonne Serrano

Yvonne Serrano is the Florida woman accused of shooting and killing a 21-year-old woman outside of her home before calling the police to report that there was a dead body in her driveway. Investigators say Serrano took steps to try to hide evidence before calling 911.

Serrano, 51, initially told police that she did not know the victim before changing her story. Investigators said the victim, Daniela Tabares Maya, had been dead for a while before police were called to the scene.

The shooting happened early in the morning on Saturday, November 23, in Coral Springs, Florida. Serrano was arrested and booked into a detention facility in Broward County. She is being held without bond.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Daniela Tabares Maya Drove Yvonne Serrano Home After a Night Out With Friends; Serrano Claimed She Doesn’t Remember Anything After Leaving the Bar

Yvonne Serrano and Daniela Tabares Maya knew each other because they attended the same gym in Coral Springs, Florida. Serrano told police that she and Maya had been out with a large group of friends from the “Training for Warriors” gym on the night that Maya died.

WPLG-TV reported that the group saw a movie and then went out to the World of Beer for drinks. Surveillance video from the bar confirms that they stayed at World of Beer until about 1:30 a.m. on November 23.

Maya let a friend know that she was driving Serrano home from the bar. The Sun-Sentinel reported that the unnamed friend told police that he had received a text message from Maya at 1:25 a.m.

Surveillance footage from Serrano’s neighborhood then shows Maya’s vehicle pull into Serrano’s driveway around 2 a.m., according to ABC News.

2. Police: Yvonne Serrano Washed Her Clothes & Deleted Surveillance Footage Before Calling 911

Coral Springs Woman Charged In Murder At Her HomeAmber Diaz reports Yvonne Serrano was charged in the death of Daniela Tabares.2019-11-25T13:34:39.000Z

Yvonne Serrano called the police around 6 a.m. to report that there was a dead body in her driveway. She initially told investigators that she had woken up in her own bed and had no recollection of how she had gotten home the night before. She said that she had gotten up early to go to the gym, found the victim in the driveway, and immediately called 911. She claimed she didn’t know the dead woman.

But Serrano later altered this version of events. She claimed that she had actually woken up still sitting in the passenger seat of Daniela Maya’s vehicle. Maya was laying on the driveway with one foot still inside the vehicle. Serrano said she checked to see if Maya had a pulse, and then called 911. Maya had been shot in the head.

But yet again, police determined that there were missing parts to Serrano’s story. The evidence showed that Serrano had taken additional steps to try to cover up what had happened before calling 911. After investigators found wet clothing inside the house, Serrano admitted that she had washed the shirt that she had been wearing that night.

The shooting may have been captured on camera. Serrano’s house is equipped with a doorbell camera. But according to the affidavit, Serrano admitted that she had deleted all of the footage that had been recorded before 6:30 a.m.

NBC Miami has acquired audio of the 911 call Serrano made that morning. You can hear the call here.

3. Serrano Told Police She Had Brought Her Handgun to the Bar & A Shell Casing From Maya’s Vehicle Matched Serrano’s Weapon

yvonne serrano

Broward County Property AppraiserYvonne Serrano house

Yvonne Serrano is the legal owner of at least three guns. The Sun-Sentinel reports that she owns two 9mm handguns and .45 caliber weapon.

Serrano admitted to police that she had brought one of the 9mm weapons to the bar with her that night. Police discovered that the gun in question, which they found in Serrano’s bedroom, had blood on the holster.

Investigators also determined that Maya had been shot with a 9mm gun. A 9mm shell casing was found inside the vehicle.

4. Serrano Is Facing Two Felony Charges & Has Not Admitted to Harming Daniela Maya

yvonne serrano

Yvonne Serrano

Yvonne Serrano has been charged with two felonies, according to Broward County inmate records: Murder without premeditation and tampering with evidence.

Despite changing her story about what she remembers about the night that Daniela Maya was shot and killed, and admitting to deleting security footage and washing her clothes, Serrano did not confess to harming the young woman. Records show that as of early in the morning on November 25, Serrano invoked her right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present during any further questioning.

Court records show that Serrano’s current attorney, Jonathan Friedman, was representing Serrano “on a temporary basis only.

5. Yvonne Serrano Is a Licensed Massage Therapist & Is Married With Children

Yvonne Serrano

Yvonne Serrano

Yvonne Lorena Serrano is licensed to work as a massage therapist in Florida. According to the Florida Department of Health website, Serrano obtained her license in March of 2011. It will expire in August of 2021. There are no disciplinary actions listed on her profile.

Serrano is married and her children are grown, a neighbor told the Sun-Sentinel. Property records for Broward County show that her husband, Jay Serrano, is the sole owner listed for their house on NW 100th Drive in Coral Springs. He purchased the home in 2008.

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