Demetrice Allen Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Demetrice Allen missing

Demetrice Allen Facebook Demetrice Allen, a lawyer from Atlanta, has been missing since Friday night.

Demetrice Allen, an employment lawyer, has been missing since Friday, December 6. The lawyer had recently moved to Atlanta and was last seen at a lounge in the city with his law school roommate and others.

Allen’s former roommate said the lawyer texted him late at night, saying he’d left the lounge to go to a fast food restaurant before going home. He hasn’t been seen since.

Anyone with information on Allen’s disappearance should contact Detective J. Rittberg with the City of South Fulton Police at 470-809-7357.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Allen Is an Employment Associate at Littler Mendelson, a Law Firm With a Focus on Labor & Employment Law

Demetrice Allen

Demetrice Allen LinkedIn

According to his LinkedIn, Allen is an employment associate at Littler Mendelson, working at the company’s Orlando firm. His bio reads, “Demetrice Allen is an employment associate at Littler Mendelson P.C. He practices in a variety of areas in labor and employment law, such as: wage and hour issues, job classification, litigation on both the federal and state level. Outside of the law, he enjoy volunteering with schools and the youth.”

Allen has been working in that position for just over a year now. Prior to that, he worked for three years as an employment associate at another law firm in Columbus, Ohio.

However, friends say Allen had already moved to Atlanta at the time of his disappearance. His Facebook, too, says he currently lives in Atlanta.

Allen attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for his undergraduate career. He graduated with a degree in Political Science, then went on to law school at the University of Ohio. He graduated with a law degree in 2015.

2. Allen Was in Atlanta to Interview For a Job in the Legal Department at Delta Airlines

According to local news station 11Alive, Allen was in Atlanta for professional reasons at the time of his disappearance: he was interviewing for a position in the legal department at Delta Airlines.

Delta has not confirmed whether Allen’s interview took place prior to his disappearance or not. Allen’s childhood friend, James Handley, told 11 Alive about the interview with Delta.

Handley said, “He went to go out Friday night with some friends and said I’ll see you later and he never came back and there was never a later.”

3. The Night He Went Missing, Allen Was With His Former Law School Roommate, Among Others

On the night that Allen was last seen publicly, he was with his former law school roommate, Chris Whitmore, and Whitmore’s girlfriend.

On Wednesday, several days after Allen was last seen, Whitmore told the 11 Alive, “We are all on edge and trying to remain positive.”

4. Allen’s Godfather Said This Behavior Is Unusual: ‘When He Does Go Out, He Says He’ll Be Back’

Allen has been described by friends and family as a responsible adult; his godfather said that it’s “unusual” for Allen to be gone all night, or to not let people know where he is.

He said, “When he does go out, he says he’ll back. He literally comes in right at 2 [in the morning]…We just want him home.”

5. Allen Was Last Seen at a Local Atlanta Lounge; His Former Roommate Said Allen Planned to Go to a Nearby Restaurant

According to the city of South Fulton police, Allen was last seen at the TEN ATL Lounge, a bar in East Atlanta Village. He texted Whitmore that he was going to Cook Out, a nearby fast food restaurant, and hasn’t been seen since.

Allen’s godfather said, “We’re hoping not the worst. But we know reality is reality so we’re looking for help. Looking for anybody to get us to where we know he’s safe or at least get us home where he should be.”

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