Van Drew & Peterson Only Democrats Who Voted Against Both Articles of Impeachment


Today, President Donald Trump was impeached by a vote in the House. Most of the Democrats were expected to vote for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. As anticipated, almost everyone did except two: Jeff Van Drew and Collin Peterson voted against impeachment for both Articles. Both Peterson and Van Drew also voted against the impeachment resolution in late October. There was a surprise third Democrat who voted against one of the two articles of impeachment: Jared Golden. Tulsi Gabbard didn’t vote for or against impeachment, but just voted “Present.” Here’s a look at the Democrats who voted against impeachment.

Jeff Van Drew Voted Against Impeachment

GettyJeff Van Drew (D-NJ) speaks to members of the media outside a closed House Democrats meeting.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew voted against impeachment today. Earlier on the day of the vote, Van Drew told The Hill that he was still set to vote against impeachment. In fact, he’s also planning to switch from being a Democrat to being a Republican, but not before the vote. He told The Hill: “I’m going through the process now, just really getting my house in order. I’m making sure that we have a cogent presentation and discussion about what I’m going to do. So it’ll be soon.”

In October, Van Drew said that he hadn’t seen evidence of anything impeachable by Trump.

Van Drew is a freshman congressman from South Jersey whose district, New Jersey’s 2nd, went for Trump in 2016 by 50.6 percent to 46 percent.

When Van Drew voted against the impeachment resolution in late October, he said the inquiry would “further divide the country tearing it apart at the seams.”He said Trump wouldn’t likely be removed by the Senate.

Van Drew is still focusing on other issues, like wanting to help Americans with infrastructure and lowering prescription drug prices, he said.

Collin Peterson Voted Against Impeachment

GettyCollin Peterson

Rep. Collin Peterson was leaning against impeachment, KFGO reported. He said he didn’t think the Democrats made a strong enough case for impeachment and believed that since Trump would likely be acquitted by the Senate, impeaching him would just divide the country needlessly.

He said he was approached about switching and being a Republican, but he is staying a Democrat. He said some high-level Republicans approached him and he turned them down.

Support for Representative Collin PetersonThe American Chemistry Council highlights the work of Representative Collin Peterson of Minnesota's 7th Congressional District.2018-06-29T18:12:44.000Z

Peterson was first elected in 1990. He’s a Representative of the Seventh Congressional District in Minnesota. In 2016 and 2018, Peterson won 52 percent of the vote in his elections. Trump also won Peterson’s district by 30 points. Kyle Kundik told the Minnesota Post: “Peterson is a true anomaly – he holds a district that Trump won by about 30 points. No other Democrat holds a district that voted for Trump by nearly that amount.”

Jared Golden Voted for One Article & Against Another

Jared Golden voted against one Article of impeachment and for another. He shared his plans before the vote, Bangor Daily News reported. Golden is a Representative for Maine’s 2nd District. Golden voted for abuse of power but did not vote for Trump being impeached on the basis of obstruction of justice.

Tulsi Gabbard, meanwhile, voted “Present.” So she voted neither for nor against impeachment.

It’s worth noting that although Trump has been impeached, this doesn’t mean he will be removed. He will face a trial in the Senate and then would have to be convicted by a 2/3 majority in the Senate before he could be removed from office.  A total of 67 Senators would need to vote to convict and remove the President. There are 45 Democrat Senators and 53 Republican Senators, plus two Independents who typically vote Democrat. So to reach the 67 total needed to remove Trump, they would need at least 20 Republicans to join with Democrats in voting to remove Trump (plus the two Independents). This isn’t likely to happen.

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