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Georgie Grace Burrin is the British horseback rider and college student who went viral after posting photos of herself wearing only a helmet and her boots while riding her horse.

Burrin shared the images as part of the worldwide Naked Challenge. The campaign began in 2015 as a way to promote awareness about the importance of always wearing a safety helmet on horseback.

Burrin has said that the reaction to her photos has been “amazing” and that she is happy to help spread the safety message.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Georgie Grace Burrin Pledged to Ride Nude On her Horse If She Received More Than 100 ‘Likes’ On a Facebook Post About the Naked Challenge

Georgie Grace Burrin came across a post from Elizabeth Charleston, the creator of the international Naked Challenge, in November of 2019. Burrin shared the message to her own Facebook page on November 20 with the promise, “100 likes and I’ll get my kit off – on Blue – in this weather – BUT WITH A HAT ON ??.” Blue is the name of her horse.

Burrin expressed skepticism that her post would get any attention. When the post reached more than 80 “likes,” a commenter pointed out that Burrin was getting close to having to ride her horse naked. Burrin’s responses included “not gonna happen!!!” and “getting nervous now ❄️.”

Another commenter wrote that Burrin’s grandmother would “faint” to see Burrin naked on the horse. Burrin jokingly responded, “Granny’s eyesight isn’t good enough.”

2. Georgie Grace Burrin Says Her Family Has Nicknamed Her ‘Lady Godiva’ After the English Legend

Two days after posting the initial challenge on social media, Georgie Grace Burrin performed the stunt and shared the images. She told the Daily Mail UK that she had been worried that a driver would pass by and see her, but that luckily she had her privacy during the photoshoot.

Burrin admitted on Facebook that she had been very cold and that it began to rain while she was naked. But she says it was worth it because it’s “all for a good cause and if it gets people’s attention, one way or another, it all helps to raise awareness.” Burrin has dismissed the idea from some critics that she had simply been seeking attention, calling the accusation “ridiculous.”

In the aftermath, Burrin says her family and friends have started calling her “Lady Godiva,” in reference to the 11th-century noblewoman. According to legend, Lady Godiva rode her horse naked through the town square, with just her hair to cover herself, after her husband promised to lower taxes if she performed this dare. The legend says that Lady Godiva’s husband held his end of the bargain after her naked ride.

3. Burrin Says Her Riding Helmet Has Saved Her Life Multiple Times & Hopes Hunters Will Hear Her Message About Safety

Georgie Grace Burrin says she hopes that casual horseback riders will heed her message about always wearing a helmet, especially hunters. There are no specific regulations in Great Britain to require hunters on horseback to wear helmets.

In addition to participating in organized equestrian competitions, Burrin goes on hunting rides too. British magazine Horse & Hound reported that Burrin “team-chases and follows bloodhounds.” She told the magazine, “I know someone who had a bad accident – his horse kicked his hunting hat off his head and he’s still suffering the effects – but he still hunts in the same sort of hat.”

In her viral post, Burrin explained that she believes her helmet has saved her life on numerous occasions. She praised a recent decision concerning the competition style called British Dressage; riders used to be allowed to wear just a top hat during contests but now are required to wear helmets with chin straps.

Burrin wrote in part, “I’ve had my fair share of falls that would’ve killed me had I not been wearing a hat. It does concern me the number of people who don’t (obviously this can depend on circumstances) and also concerns me the number of people who hunt in a Patey – the latest ruling in BD stating you cannot wear a top hat is most definitely a step in the right direction – let’s hope some hunting folk follow suit!”

4. Burrin Loves to Share Her Riding Adventures On Social Media & Is Studying to Become a Veterinarian

Farmers Bloodhounds 2019 PoundonFarmers Bloodhounds 2019 Poundon WOW the BEST day for hedges out hunting I've ever had! 🏇🏼💨 Blue was on fire, didn't think twice about anything even when a horse ran out straight in front of her and when I messed up the striding! 😍🐎 Unfortunately I managed to get COVERED in mud which meant nearly…2019-11-24T19:31:50Z

Georgie Grace Burrin is from the city of Coventry, which is located in central England about 20 miles away from Birmingham. She is a student at Moreton Morrell College, where she is studying veterinary physiotherapy. She told Horse & Hound that when caring for horses at school, students are required to wear helmets and gloves at all times as a precaution.

Burrin is a competitive rider and loves to share her love for horses on social media. She is known to strap a camera to her helmet and share the riding videos to her YouTube channel. Burrin included in her Instagram bio that she is sponsored by the company that makes the UHWK Camera.

5. Elizabeth Charleston of New Zealand Started the Naked Challenge After Suffering Multiple Concussions

The Naked Challange has been going on since 2015. It was started by New Zealand rider Elizabeth Charleston, who explained at the time that she wanted to spread awareness about the importance of always thinking about safety first while on horseback.

Charleston says she has suffered concussions as a result of “car and equestrian related accidents” over the years. She said that in 2005, she blacked out after a horse fell on top of her and dealt with a serious brain injury. Charleston decided to use her platform to spread awareness about the risks of brain injuries and encourage others to take the necessary precautions.

Charleston told a local magazine in 2016, “I would love for people to take part in The Naked Challenge because then every person becomes a brain injury awareness campaigner in their own right. Each person is potentially saving the lives of their friends and loved ones by taking part in the challenge as it will hopefully get people talking about the issue of concussion, compounded concussion and brain injury.”

Georgie Grace Burrin actually went above and beyond for her photos. Charleston had said that riders only needed to create the “illusion” of being naked, such as standing behind something while exposing bare shoulders and wearing a riding helmet. Charleston said in a 2015 Facebook post that she created such an illusion for the first photo for the campaign. “I was personally fully dressed when my boyfriend took my ‘naked’ photo in the dining room at home on Monday morning!”

Charleston also clarified that no one under the age of 18 should participate and urged riders to keep the photos tasteful and not to reveal private areas. “I don’t want anyone thinking this is smutty as that is not my intention. I just want to promote the use of riding helmets in a fun way that gets people talking.”

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