Montebello Mall Active Shooter Scare Sparks Panic

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Shoppers at Montebello Mall in California alerted Twitter of reports of a possible shooter on Monday evening. While there were tweets describing mass panic, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were quick to dispel the scare tweeting, “There is NO ACTIVE SHOOTER at the Montebello Mall… suspect smashing glass with a hammer only.”

Montebello Mall is located at 2134 Montebello Town Center Drive, and is the home to over 120 local stores and shops. The panic at the shopping center started at around 5:30 p.m. local time. Video of locals hiding behind the kitchen were shared online, as well as messages of fear and warnings to stay away from the area.

Based on the mere sounds from the video shared from Montebello Mall on social media, it’s understandable how the loud bangs were misheard as gunshots. Soon afterward, a heavy police presence was on the scene, emergency responders and helicopters also swarmed the area, which only furthered shoppers’ fears.

One persons shared on Twitter, “Sheeeesh I was bout to pull in Montebello mall and suddenly a gang of cops pulled in come to find out there’s an active shooter inside.” However, tweets online quickly changed to reassuring the public that there was not an active shooter at the mall.

There Have Been No Reported Injuries From The Shooting Scare At Montebello Mall

KTLA digital news journalist Brian Day tweeted out a more specific update as to what caused the disturbance and led to a mass panic on Monday night. He wrote, “Reports of a shooting at the mall resulted from a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store, per law enforcement radio traffic. No signs of a shooting.”

After shoppers heard the sounds of a hammer smashing glass with a hammer, they reported their escape on Twitter. One user online tweeted “Thank god I ran out safe,” while another local shopper tweeted, “That was the scariest sh** I’ve ever experienced. I just walked into the h&m and not even 20 feet away from me I hear bangs and everyone just starts running.”

There Was A False Alarm Shooting at Jersey Gardens Mall Earlier In the Day

While shoppers pack malls to do last minute holiday shopping, there have been a few false alarms of disturbances, fights, and robberies being mistaken as possible being an active shooter situation. On Monday morning, on the opposite coast of America, there was as shooting scare at Jersey Gardens mall in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Officially called The Mills at Jersey Gardens, located at 651 Kapowkski Road, a Twitter user shared online, “A freaking stampede just occurred at jersey gardens. With how crazy the world is no one knew what was happening just running and screaming to get out.”

However, at 3 p.m. local time, reported that it was a false alarm. “Our breaking reporter @KeldyOrtiz just checked with Elizabeth officials and confirmed that there was an initial report of shots fired at the Jersey Gardens mall but it was a FALSE ALARM; there was a fight and a temporary lockdown but all is back to normal, per city spokesperson.”

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