How Many People Attended Trump’s Michigan Rally? See Crowd Photos & Videos

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President Donald Trump hosted a rally in Michigan on Wednesday night, December 18 for his 2020 campaign. The venue, which holds just about 6,500, was packed and overflow space was needed. The rally happened at the same time that a vote on his impeachment was taking place in Washington, D.C. Read on to learn more and see crowd photos and videos from the rally. This is a developing story and more photos will be added as they are available.

The Arena Was Packed & Overflow Space Was Needed, But Trump Said They Asked The People Outside To Go Home Because It Was So Cold


The rally in Battle Creek, Michigan was held at the Kellogg Arena. The Kellogg Arena has a seating capacity of up to 6,200 according to its website. (Another webpage says up to 6,500.) The exact capacity varies depending on how the seating configuration is set up. This is actually quite a bit smaller than the size of most of the arenas where Trump has his events. You can see a video of the large crowd at the rally below.

About 30 minutes after the rally’s official start time, the Calhoun County Sheriff said that about 5,400 people were let inside for the rally, and more than 2,000 were in the overflow area outside.

During his rally, Trump said that there were 2,600 in the overflow crowd, but it was so cold outside that they sent them home instead of having them watch on a big screen outside.

In fact, people were lined up for hours before the rally started, despite 19-degree weather.

Here’s another look at the crowd about four to five hours before the rally started.

Some people were in line for seven hours or longer.

Trump began his speech by telling everyone, “Merry Christmas Michigan!” Then he asked if everyone was noticing how much more people were saying Merry Christmas.

Early on during his speech, a protester arrived. “That’s all right,” Trump said as the crowd booed and gave “thumbs down” signs to the protester. “Get her out,” Trump added as security took the protester away. “There’s a slob,” he later said. “She’ll get hell when she gets back with mom.” He then said she was disgusting, adding she made a horrible gesture to everyone at the rally. “If one of us did that, it would be like the biggest story ever,” he said.

At one point, he made a comment about John Dingell, seemingly saying the former Representative might be in hell.

Some people in the crowd kind of groaned in response, not sure just what he was meaning.

Supporters of US President Donald Trump attend a Keep America Great Rally.

The House began debating the two articles of impeachment against Trump around 9 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday. At about 8:25 p.m. Eastern, Trump was officially impeached by the House. He did not immediately respond or break his speech at that moment.

Later, Trump referred to the impeachment again for the first time after it was official. He said the impeachment was lawless and a suicide march by the Democratic party. “Have you seen my polls?” He also called the impeachment a “light” impeachment and not dark like the one Nixon faced.

Trump later said that what his family has been put through was a disgrace. He said he told Pelosi that they had nothing. “They’re the ones who should be impeached, every one of them.”

It’s important to note that impeachment does not mean Trump will be removed from office. The Senate would need to vote for removal after a trial in the Senate. Because they’d need about 20 Republicans to vote for Trump to be removed in the Senate, right now it’s not looking likely that Trump will be removed.

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