Fashion Show Mall Shooting In Las Vegas: 3 Injured Victims

8 New Now Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas

A shooting took place at Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas on January 21. Police said the incident took place around 6:15 p.m. local time and there are multiple reported injuries.

Las Vegas Police Department tweeted out the following statement confirming a shooting took place on Tuesday night: “The LVMPD is investigating a shooting that occurred at the Fashion Show Mall and two persons are reported injured. Officers are on scene and clearing the area. Preliminary information indicates the suspect fled after the shooting before police arrived.”

Officer Dori Koren told reporters that they treated 3 individuals with gunshot wounds, and they did not appear to be life-threatening. Koren said, “We believe it was an isolated incident. And we don’t know the role of every single victim at this point.”

A witness told News 8 reporter Shakala Alvaranga that she saw two of the victims shot. “One person was lying on the floor and the other was an elderly [man] that was pulled out with a wheelchair.”

Fashion Show Mall is located on the Vegas strip in Paradise, Nevada. The exact address is 3200 Las Vegas Boulevard. Police told News 8 that the shooting happened after a group of juveniles got into an argument. Police said that right before the group was about to get into a fight, one person pulled out a gun and fired it into the crowd.

Witnesses on location have shared photos and videos on Twitter that reveal Las Vegas Police are searching the backside of the mall. In the video shared on social media below, footage was captured from inside the mall during the shooting, and you can clearly hear multiple rounds of gunfire shot off in the background.

One person on Twitter shared, “Literally just got evacuated from work at the fashion show mall in Vegas because of an active shooter.”

Police Brought Suspect Into Custody On Wednesday

On January 22, Las Vegas New Reporter tweeted that the LVPD had arrested an 18-year-old suspect.

The Fashion Show Mall and the surrouding areas were locked down while police searched for the suspect. Nevada Highway Patrol tweeted just before 7 p.m. local time: “#TrafficAlert All off ramps from I-15 to eastbound Spring Mountain closed due to police activity. Avoid the area and find an alternate route.”

Police have not said whether the shooting was gang related or not. Officer Korin said on Tuesday evening, “We’re confident there’s no suspect in the immediate vicinity that we’ve searched, but we are conducting an investigation,” explaining why the mall was still closed. “There may be more than one shooter, but we are not certain.”

A local who was at the mall while the shooting took place tweeted, “It’s really crazy how one minute you are happy and content and within seconds you go into panic. Thankful to have my bf who kept me breathing while leaving fashion show mall and not go into a complete panic attack.”

A witness told FOX 5 that he heard screaming and people running while was working at Shoe Palace, which is located inside Fashion Show Mall. He hid in the back of the store with 10 other people after his manager announced there was a confirmed shooter in the area.

Las Vegas Experienced The Deadliest Mass Shooting In America In 2017

Mandalay Bay Hotel Shooting

GettyMandalay Bay

Witness Justin Thompson, who works at Garra Fish Spas, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he saw a man bleeding on the ground near Dillards, and a mass of 40 to 50 people running away in fear. “I thought about Mandalay Bay,” Thompson said. “I was so scared and nervous.”

It’s only been a little over two years since October 1, 2017, when a lone gunman, Stephen Paddock, killed 59 people and injured over 500 more when he fired guns aimed at people attending the Route 91 Country Music Festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

After a SWAT team used an explosive breach to blow open the door of Paddock’s hotel room, the 64-year-old was found dead from a self-inflicted gun wound. Police also found 23 guns in the room.

The ​​​​Clark County Coroner released an official list of people who died in the October 1 mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. There were 36 females and 22 males from all walks of life – military veterans, off-duty cops, teachers, secretaries, people working in finance, college students, a waitress, retirees.

The oldest victim was Patricia Mestas, who was 67. The youngest victims were Quinton Robbins and Bailey Schweitzer, both age 20.

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