Jacquelyn, New York Times Elevator Operator, Endorses Biden

Joe Biden Elevator

Twitter/Joe Biden Jacquelyn, the elevator operator, pictured on Joe Biden's Twitter page.

Jacquelyn, a New York Times elevator operator and security guard, endorsed Joe Biden while the former vice president was headed up to meet with the newspaper’s editorial board in a bid to secure the Times endorsement.

Biden did not win the endorsement, the Times has chosen to endorse both Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, 70, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, 59, to take on President Donald Trump in the 2020 General Election. The Times said in the announcement that the newspaper had broken “with convention, the editorial board has chosen to endorse two separate Democratic candidates for president.”

Jacquelyn Called Biden Her ‘Favorite’ & Said: ‘You Are Awesome, Oh My God’

In a video that was filmed as part of the FX series about the New York Times named “The Weekly,” Jacquelyn welcomed Biden into the elevator by saying, “I love you, I do, you’re like my favorite… You are awesome, oh my God.” The former Delaware senator then asked if Jacquelyn had a camera so that the pair could take a picture together. Biden said, “You got a camera? [When] we get out, we’ll take one, OK?” Biden tweeted a video of the interaction, which showed him grabbing a selfie with Jacquelyn, with the message, “Honored to have won Jacquelyn’s endorsement.”

Biden & Jacquelyn’s Video Has Been Viewed More Times Than the NYT Videos About Senators Warren & Klobuchar

Gutfeld on the New York Times endorsementsNew York Times endorses Warren and Klobuchar for president. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News Headlines 24/7, FOXNews.com and the direct-to-consumer streaming service, FOX Nation. FOX News also produces FOX News Sunday on FOX Broadcasting Company and FOX News Edge. A top five-cable network,…2020-01-20T23:45:00.000Z

Journalist Peter Hamby reports that the video of Biden and Jacquelyn “has more than 6x the views on Twitter than the NYT opinion videos for Warren and Klobuchar … combined.” While Politico’s Holly Otterbein opined, “Could the Biden campaign have asked for better optics than this: an ordinary worker gushing over him while the New York Times editorial board decides to not put him in their top four choices? ”

Biden’s Campaign Manager Says Jacquelyn’s Endorsement ‘Actually Equals Votes’

New York Times Editorial Board Breaks With Convention And Endorses Two Candidates | Deadline | MSNBCThe New York Times Editorial Board makes history by endorsing two women in the Democratic primary: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. Aired on 01/20/20. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow…2020-01-21T00:49:42.000Z

CNN’s editor-at-large Chris Cillizza wrote of the Biden/Jacquelyn interaction, “What Biden did get is an African American woman telling him that she “loves him” and that he is her “favorite.” And a video of that exchange that has been viewed more than 281,000 times in less than 24 hours.” Biden’s campaign manager, Greg Schultz, tweeted about the clip saying, “We got the endorsement that actually equals votes!”

The presidential primary season begins on February 3 with the Iowa caucus.

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