MacDill Air Force Base Active Shooter Reports

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MacDill Air Force base in Tampa, Florida was locked down after reports of an active shooter, but the lock down was lifted and police say there is “no active shooter” and “no threat,” according to WFLA-TV.

Cars were going back into the base.

BayNews9 reported that an alert went out at the 7:05 a.m. on January 10, 2020, saying that an “active shooter” could be “near the entrance to control tower.”

Andrew Learned, a veteran Naval officer and candidate for Florida state Legislature, wrote on Twitter that he was on the base. “Just got an alert while here at MacDill for an Active Shooter. We’re in lock-down. Be safe,” he wrote.

MacDill AFB contains the headquarters of US Central Command (USCENTCOM) and US Special Operations Command. MacDill AFB hasn’t posted anything on its social media. The base confirmed to CBS News that “it sent out an alert for a possible active shooter and are currently assessing the situation.”

According to ABC10, there was a law enforcement response to the base after unconfirmed active shooter reports, and authorities did confirm that the base is locked down for a time.

Stephanie Colombini, a journalist for WUSF in Tampa, wrote, “@MacDill_AFB on lockdown. Reports of an active shooter. Still confirming details, updates to come.”

Sometimes active shooter reports turn out to be false alarms. Obviously, sometimes they don’t, and the military community is on edge since there was an active shooter at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida in early December. That shooter ended up being a Saudi National. He killed three people and wounded eight more.

MacDill Air Force base is an active Air Force installation in Tampa. You can find its website here.

This post is being updated as more information is learned.