Bloomberg’s First Debate: Best Memes & Jokes on Twitter

Bloomberg Debate Memes


Mike Bloomberg was a big theme in tonight’s Democratic debate. He was a wildcard, having just entered the debate after the DNC dropped the requirement to get a certain number of donations during the debate. It wasn’t clear what to expect until the candidates quickly piled onto him over many of his stances, past statements, and NDAs. Some found themselves wondering if Bloomberg was thinking, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” Here’s a look at some of the best memes and jokes about Bloomberg from the Democratic debate.

Did Bloomberg make “a huge mistake”? That was one of the jokes that circulated during the debate.

The “huge mistake” joke was a common theme tonight.

There were a lot of jokes about how much money Bloomberg spent to be in a debate where he was pretty much roasted.

People couldn’t stop talking about those intense moments between Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg.

It all started when she said, “I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg,” and then it snowballed from there.

She went toe-to-toe with him on NDAs, demanding that he release women from the contracts, which he refused to do.

People pointed out that even if Warren doesn’t get the nomination, she’ll still take down Bloomberg in the process of running.

Bloomberg’s Wikipedia entry was even changed to read jokingly that his cause of death was Elizabeth Warren.

At one point during the debate, Bernie Sanders said: “When we’re talking about a corrupt political system bought by people like Mr. Bloomberg.” Bloomberg argued that Sanders wrote the code and “the 99%,” which Sanders vehemently disagreed with.

People joked about how Bloomberg looked like a sacrifice during the debate.

Or a sinking ship…

The jokes and GIFs didn’t stop.

It really did seem like all the candidates briefly teamed together to try to take down Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s betting odds for winning the Democratic nomination also dropped sharply during the Democratic debate. You can see Heavy’s story about what happened with his betting odds here.

Now viewers are wondering what the chances are that Bloomberg will be in the February 25 debate.