First Wuhan Novel Coronavirus Death Outside China: Philippines Map & Updates

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The first death from the novel coronavirus (often referred to as the Wuhan coronavirus) has been recorded outside of China. The death was in the Philippines, which also has another confirmed coronavirus case. Here are details on the case and a map of where the Philippines is located.

The Philippines reported its second case of the novel coronavirus and the first death that has been reported outside of China, CNN Philippines reported.

The man who died was 44 and had been admitted to San Lazaro Hospital. He had been admitted to the hospital on January 25 and his case was not locally acquired, CNN reported. He died on February 1.

His partner, a 38-year-old woman, was the first confirmed case in the Philippines, PhilStar reported.

Here’s a map of where the hospital is located where he was being treated.

Both the man and the woman were from Wuhan, China and had arrived via Hong Kong. The woman is still in treatment, in isolation in Manila. The man had also been isolated.

DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III said the man had severe pneumonia but then seemed to stabilize and show some signs that he was improving over the last few days. “However, the condition of the patient deteriorated within the last 24 hours resulting in his demise,” Duque said.

His remains will be cremated.

Twenty-four patients who were being investigated tested negative for the virus in the Philippines, GMA News reported.

Confirmed Cases Across the World

The confirmed international cases outside of China include the following countries, according to BNO News. These are confirmed cases, not deaths. Except for the Philippines death, the other confirmed deaths are in China so far.

  • Thailand – 19 cases
  • Japan – 20 cases
  • Singapore – 18 cases
  • France – 6 cases
  • Germany – 8 cases
  • Malaysia – 8 cases
  • South Korea – 15 cases
  • U.S. – 8 cases
  • Vietnam – 6 cases
  • Nepal – 1 case
  • Australia – 12 cases
  • UAE – 5 cases
  • Canada – 4 cases
  • England – 2 cases
  • Russia – 2 cases
  • Cambodia – 1 case
  • Sri Lanka – 1 case
  • Finland – 1 case
  • Philippines – 2 cases (1 death)
  • India – 1 case
  • Italy – 2 cases
  • Sweden – 1 case
  • Spain – 1 case


The coronavirus is a family of viruses that come in many forms, including the common cold. But sometimes it can include a more severe illness like SARS. The Wuhan coronavirus is a new form of the virus, first identified at a food market in Wuhan, China. It’s now being referred to as the noval coronavirus by experts.

Symptoms can include a fever, cough, and trouble breathing. It can get more severe if the disease worsens. It can spread from animals to people, but China has also said there have been at least two cases of human-to-human transmission, Forbes reported. If so, it could be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, or close contact, like other coronaviruses. So far there is no vaccine.