Iowa Caucus Locations: How to Find Where You Vote Today


Today is the Iowa Democratic and Republican Caucuses. At 7 p.m. Central, you must be in line in order to participate in your precinct’s caucus. If you’re participating in a satellite caucus instead, the required start time could be earlier today. Read on to find out where your caucus is located today.

Here’s How to Find Your Caucus Location

If you’re voting in the Democratic caucus, you can find your caucus location here. Scroll down the page and click on “Find Your Caucus Location.” The link will actually lead you to another site where you can find your Democratic caucus location here. You can also see a full list of precinct caucus locations and addresses here. You can see the breakdown of delegates per county and precinct here and how that approximately translates to state delegates.

(If you’re going to a satellite caucus location, you can find it here. Note that the start time could be earlier today and you’ll need to have already registered to vote at a satellite location.)

If you’re voting in the Republican caucus, you can find your caucus location here. Just like the Democrats, these will also start at 7 p.m. Central sharp. In Iowa, there actually are candidates running against President Donald Trump. Your other choices are Bill Weld and Joe Walsh.

There’s a chance that your caucus location might be hosting caucuses for more than one precinct, so write down your precinct ahead of time too. You can find your precinct information here. Just enter your ZIP code and then your address. Note that the important information here is your precinct name/number. Your polling place address might actually not be where your caucus is located. Use the links above instead to find your Democratic or Republican caucus location.

You Can Register on Election Day

If you’re not registered, you can register to vote at any precinct caucus on election day (not all satellite caucuses will offer registration at the door, so contact those first for details.)

To register, you’ll need proof of ID (an Iowa driver’s license or another current photo ID with an expiration date, such as an Iowa ID card, out-of-state driver’s license or state ID card, passport, military ID, employer ID, student ID, or tribal ID.) If your photo ID doesn’t have your residence, then you’ll need proof of residence, such as a lease, utility or cell phone bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government document. A registered voter in your precinct can also attest to who you are and where you live, if you both sign an oath.

Democratic Caucus Schedule

The Democratic caucus will consist of three parts, according to the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP).

  • Introductory Business, including electing a secretary and chair, hearing a state party chair message, hearing messages from local officials, and sometimes local candidates.
  • Presidential Preference Voting, which includes a second vote to realign non-viable candidates’ voters. This is when delegates to the County Convention are elected.
  • Party Business, which includes electing people to the county central committee and discussing platforms for the county convention.

You’ll only vote in the second preferential ballot if your candidate is considered not viable (meaning he or she doesn’t get 15 percent of the vote.) In some cases if the precinct is particularly small, the required percentage may be higher.

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