Kaitlin Bennett Met by Angry Ohio University Crowd: Videos

Kaitlin Bennett

Twitter Gun rights advocate Kaitlin Bennett.

Kaitlin Bennett is a 24-year-old gun rights advocate who has been at the center of social media controversy in the past for her views, and who has now faced angry crowds at Ohio University. On February 17, Bennett showed up unannounced at Ohio University as a part of her Liberty Hangout tour, and she faced an unwelcome reception.

Here is the video that she posted to Twitter of her arrival on campus:

Bennett captioned the video: “This is what happens when a Trump supporter goes to a college campus. Leftists at [Ohio University] started a riot when [Joel Patrick] and I showed up, and the [Ohio University Police] let it happen. I think [President Donald Trump] should strip funding from universities like this that harbor terrorists.”

In the video, there is a large group of protestors yelling at occupants of the vehicle and throwing their drinks at the truck. Many of the students are seen showing the middle finger to Bennett and Patrick.

Halfway through the video, someone in the car can be heard asking “Why is that cop just letting this all happen?” Behind the protesters, the video clearly shows a police vehicle parked, and there are a couple of police officers in uniform standing among the protesters monitoring the situation.

The Ohio University Police Issued a Statement About the Incident

The Ohio University Police released a statement afterward, saying “an activist appeared unexpectedly” and “engaged in Constitutionally protected activity.” The statement continues, saying that the crowd of people was also choosing to “exercise their first amendment rights.” Police officers were on site during the course of the incident to make sure everyone’s rights and safety were protected, but police confirmed that no one was asked to leave.

Police have clarified that a riot did not occur, contrary to what is being circulated on social media. They said: “there were no reported injuries or violence, and no one was arrested.” They added that because they had no prior notice of Bennett’s arrival, they were unable to staff properly, which is why their police officers on duty had to prioritize their response.

Bennett responded to the police statement on Twitter, saying they “lied and said that no violence happened” when in fact, students were “throwing things at me all day, dumped hot coffee on me, & vandalized [Joel Patrick’s] truck right in front of the cops.” She also added a longer video showing the size and intensity of the crowd at Ohio University.

Bennett Is No Stranger to Social Media Controversy

Bennett first went viral on social media back in 2018 when she posted a graduation photo of herself on the Kent State University campus along with her gun. The featured image of this article shows this same photo of Bennett carrying her rifle and graduation cap, which reads “Come and take it.”

Since this photo went viral, Bennett has become a social media personality, posting videos of herself interviewing strangers on the street for Liberty Hangout. She focuses on topics such as gun rights and anti-abortion.

According to its website, Liberty Hangout is a libertarian media outlet seeking to “bring readers relevant insight into current events, as well as promote Austrian economics and property rights.” The banner for Liberty Hangout’s website states that it is the “Official Home of Kaitlin Bennett.”

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