New Hampshire Polls Latest: Who’s Ahead on Primary Day?

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It’s hard to believe it’s here already, but the New Hampshire primary is upon us. Who’s ahead in the Democratic polling for New Hampshire going into today’s contest? All eyes are on the primary in the wake of the drama out of the Iowa caucuses, where results were delayed and then trickled in.

The New Hampshire primary comes out of the chute next, on February 11, 2020. It’s the second nominating contest of the 2020 presidential election. Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders in particular got a boost out of Iowa, despite the problems there, with former Vice President Joe Biden sagging in the results.

New Hampshire’s polling shows pretty much the same thing, with Sanders and Buttigieg at the front of the pack. Sanders has been polling particularly strong in New Hampshire, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average. The rest of the field is pretty far behind there, at least in the polls. In fact, Sanders leads by an average 7.4%. Amy Klobuchar comes third in New Hampshire polling averages, which is a stronger showing for her.

First, here’s the polling average for New Hampshire as of the morning of February 11, 2020. Then we will break down some of the most recent polls out of the New Hampshire primary.

Real Clear Politics 2020 Polling Average in New Hampshire [2/06/2020-2/9/2020]

Bernie Sanders 28.7%
Pete Buttigieg 21.3%
Amy Klobuchar 11.7%
Elizabeth Warren 11%
Joe Biden 11%
Andrew Yang 3.7%
Tulsi Gabbard 3.3%
Tom Steyer 1.7%

Here are some of the most recent specific polls:

Boston Globe/Suffolk [2/8-2/9]

Bernie Sanders 27%
Pete Buttigieg 19%
Amy Klobuchar 14%
Elizabeth Warren 12%
Joe Biden 12%
Andrew Yang 3%
Tulsi Gabbard 3%
Tom Steyer 2%

WHDH/Emerson [2/8/20 to 2/9/20]

Bernie Sanders 30%
Pete Buttigieg 23%
Amy Klobuchar 14%
Elizabeth Warren 11%
Joe Biden 10%
Andrew Yang 4%
Tom Steyer 2%
Tulsi Gabbard


CNN/UNH [2/6-2/9]

Bernie Sanders 29%
Pete Buttigieg 22%
Joe Biden 11%
Elizabeth Warren 10%
Amy Klobuchar 7%
Tulsi Gabbard 5%
Andrew Yang 4%
Tom Steyer 1%

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