Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Winner Spoilers & Theories

The Bachelor


The Bachelor season 24 is underway, starring commercial airline pilot Peter Weber as he searches for love. The season has a long way to go, but it didn’t take long for spoilers to leak and theories about the finale ending to start circulating.

While information around The Bachelor season finale winner’s identity and her current relationship status with Weber has been kept tightly under wraps, there are a few leading theories about how the season will end, and who Weber will choose to end up with:


Reality Steve Predicts That Peter Weber Hasn’t Picked His Winner Yet

While Reality Steve admitted before the season 24 premiere that he did not know who Peter Weber chose at the end of his Bachelor journey, he did reveal Weber’s final two: Hannah Ann and Madison.

After the season premiere aired, Reality Steve shared his theories about the ending in a blog post, added a few new spoilers on how the show is expected to conclude. After revealing that Peter did not propose to anyone during the finale and that Madison’s dad did not give Peter his blessing to propose to her, Reality Steve suggested that perhaps the ending hasn’t been spoiled to him yet because the ending hasn’t happened yet, and won’t happen until the live “After the Final Rose” show. He said “I really don’t think the “ending” has happened yet because I think they truly do want a season where the ending can’t be spoiled. And the only way to absolutely guarantee that is to not film it in advance.”

Fans Think That Peter Ends Up Choosing to Be With Hannah Brown

During the season premiere, Hannah Brown showed up at the house on night one to give Peter advice and wish him luck, and then again during a group date. The group date ended with Brown in tears, and Peter asking her if she wanted to join the house and be a part of his Bachelor journey. Although they ultimately decided against her becoming one of his contestants and Brown went back home, fans are not convinced that that’s the end of Brown’s run on the show and many are wondering if Weber will decide to pick Hannah Brown as the woman he wants to be with instead of any of the women he is exploring relationships with on the show.

Melly Gee suggested on Twitter that “The last time Peter was genuinely happy on #TheBachelor” was when he was talking to Hannah Brown on night one.

@2000sfangirl tweeted her own theory as to how Peter and Hannah Brown could still end up together, writing “I solved #TheBachelor: Peter finally understands what it’s like to be a lead & why Hannah Brown was so confused / made mistakes with people who lied to her and understands that her feelings for him are genuine it was just a complicated confusing journey & finally goes BACK TO HER.”

In spite of speculations, Brown recently asserted during an Instagram Q&A that she is currently single, and definitely not pregnant.

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