Shooting at Texas University Residence: 2 Dead, 1 Injured

Texas A&M University in Commerce

Texas A&M University in Commerce Texas A&M University in Commerce (TAMUC) campus.

A shooting took place on the morning of February 3rd at Pride Rock Residence Hall at A&M University in Commerce, TX.

The Texas A&M University in Commerce (TAMUC) Police Department originally asked all students, faculty and staff to take shelter. This recommendation has since been lifted.

The A&M-Commerce University later posted on Twitter: “The precautionary shelter in place recommendations have been lifted. Due to the ongoing investigation, Pride Rock and surrounding areas are still blocked off.”

They also made counselors available for anyone who needed help with the situation.

A&M University Confirms 2 Deaths

As per the A&M University Twitter page, “There have been 2 confirmed deaths. The third victim has been taken to the hospital for treatment.”

There is no word yet on the identity of those deceased or the circumstances of the shooting.

Meredith Yeomans, reporter with NBC DFW, posted on Twitter that two women were killed in the shooting and the injured victim is a 2-year-old child, as per the campus police chief’s press statement. The 2-year-old child is in stable condition. This statement is also available on a TAMUC student’s Twitter.

There Is No Word on the Suspected Shooter

Officials have not yet confirmed the identity of the suspected shooter, whether they have been caught, or killed in the shooting. They have not indicated if they are looking for an active shooter at this time, but said only that there is an investigation ongoing.

There is some frustration online as parents and students seek to get more information. In response to the latest tweet by TAMUC Police Department, one student asked for confirmation that the shooter was caught or on the run, and another user responded that they had been asking for this information for over three hours.

An online reporter, Matt Howerton, added that Texas Rangers would be assisting TAMUC in the shooting investigation. He added that detectives were still looking through the residence for evidence.

All Classes Are Canceled February 3-5

The TAMUC Police Department posted that all classes have been canceled on February 3rd, February 4th, and February 5th. The cancellation applies to all classes, including those online and in remote locations. As per their tweet, this is to ensure the “health and safety” of all students.

Pride Rock Is a First-Year Residence Hall

According to the TAMUC website, Pride Rock is “a three-story, suite style residence hall for male and female students that recently graduated high school.” It opened in 2011 and is available to Freshmen students.

KETR News posted a photo of the scene at Pride Rock Residence Hall. It shows an officer at the door of the residence. They added that all afternoon classes have been canceled.

TAMUC has over 100 graduate and undergraduate degrees and had just over 12,000 students enrolled in the Fall 2018 semester. According to the TAMUC website, some residences had special rates for students with minor children.

Carrying concealed handguns on TAMUC campus is permitted for all faculty, students and staff who “hold a current and valid license to carry,” as per their website, with the exception of certain areas.

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