The Trump Kids’ Take On ‘The State Of The Union’ Address

Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka Trump

Getty Don Jr, Eric, and Ivanka Trump

The Trump children have been among some of the most politically active and vocal First Children any presidential administration has had. With the 2020 State Of The Union address occuring on Tuesday, February 4, the Trump kids have voiced their opinions using their respective social media channels. Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka Trump have given the nation their take on the SOTU and we’re here to let you know exactly what they have to say about it.

Here’s what the Trump children have said about the State of the Union address:

Ivanka Trump

First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been serving as a senior advisor to the president for most of her father’s presidency. She has focused on economic empowerment, particularly for women, and job growth.

Ivanka Trump also posted a picture of herself eating hamburgers with her father while traveling to Washington D.C. on Air Force One. The President and First Daughter will be well fed for the State of the Union!

While in the car on the way to the State of the Union, Ivanka Trump posted a video of herself discussing the upcoming speech by her father, President Trump. She said, “Super excited. The President’s going to give an amazing address on the state of this union, which is absolutely thriving. Lots has been accomplished in the past three years.”

While at the State of the Union address, Ivanka Trump tweeted a photo of herself with several others, including her brothers Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Eric Trump

Eric Trump, the second son of President Donald Trump, posted photos to his Twitter account earlier today showing himself and wife, Lara Trump, departing Iowa en route to return to Washington D.C. for the State of the Union address. Both Eric and Lara Trump looked excited to return to Washington D.C. as they posed playfully with Eric’s arms wrapped around Lara.

Eric Trump currently services as the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. According to his Twitter bio, he is a support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Donald Trump Jr

The elder Trump son followed the same trend as his siblings did when he posted photos of passengers traveling from Iowa to Washington D.C. for the State of the Union. However, Donald Trump Jr. chose a snarkier way to post about the SOTU by replying to a tweet by Claire McCaskill referencing Dr. Ben Carson squatting in the aisle of the plane for the purpose of the picture. He made certain to note that Carson had a first-class seat and was squatting in the aisle for the mere sake of the photo. Don Trump Jr. later followed up his retweet with a tweet of his own and a photo that showed the passengers who were seated in first-class, including himself, his brother, Eric Trump, and sister-in-law, Lara Trump.

During the State of the Union address, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a message about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not supporting President Trump while he spoke about unemployment and the current status of the economy.

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