Tom Steyer Is Bernie Sanders’ Biggest Fan During the Democratic Debate

Steyer and Bernie

Steyer is quickly becoming Sanders' friend.

Tom Steyer may have had one of his best Democratic debates yet on Friday night. He also didn’t hold back in showing that Bernie Sanders was pretty much his favorite candidate on the Democratic debate stage. He stood up for Sanders a lot during the debate, and the Internet noticed.

Steyer Stood Up for Sanders A Lot During the Debate

GettyTom Steyer whispers to Bernie Sanders during a break in the Democratic debate.

There were several distinct moments when Steyer stood up for Sanders during the debate and openly advocated for his friend. Some people are now joking that he’s running for President just so he can be Sanders’ friend. Just take a look at the picture above. At one point during a break, Steyer could be seen whispering something to Sanders. Of course, the Internet has noticed their friendship and Steyer’s enthusiastic support of Sanders during the debate.

Steyer said he was scared about Pete Buttigieg because he doesn’t have the experience that was needed to beat Trump (the experience that Sanders did have, of course.)

At one point during the debate, Sanders said that Steyer was absolutely right when he talked about climate change, and Steyer looked so shocked and happy. Some people are now joking that Steyer will be Sanders’ first billionaire donor.

About two hours into the debate, Steyer spoke out for Sanders again. “I agree with Bernie Sanders,” he said clearly and proudly while talking about putting the climate first when deciding on requirements for trading with the U.S. This was in opposition to a point that Elizabeth Warren had made.

Steyer took a lot of opportunities to let the world know that he agreed with Sanders.

The comments about Steyer are great. Here are some more fun reactions shared on Twitter. One person wrote: “Tom Steyer is just adorable. He’s the only person on stage including the rest of the gang. He just drew the short straw and ended up being a billionaire. :( Bernie is his idol.”

Another person wrote: “Call me crazy but I think @TomSteyer has a little brocrush on @BernieSanders. #DemDebate.”

Another person tweeted: “When Bernie Sanders speaks, Tom Steyer shuts TF up. When Bernie jabs Joe Biden, Tom Steyer laughs with such giddiness. Tom Steyer has a crush on Bernie Sanders….. Tom Steyer is also in the race to help elect Bernie Sanders.” 


In the Last Debate, Steyer Got Caught in the Middle Between Warren & Sanders When He Just Wanted To Say Hi

All eyes were on Steyer tonight. In the last debate in January, he caught the public’s eye when he got stuck in the middle of an argument between Warren and Sanders. “I just want to say hi,” he said to Sanders in an awkward moment that went viral later.

Then on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Steyer got a chance to sit near Sanders again. And he just couldn’t contain his joy. He and Sanders danced near each other and, eventually, he got Sanders’ attention.

One person wrote: “Tom Steyer’s dream of becoming friends with Bernie looking closer to reality every day.”

It seemed a friendship might be developing. One person on Twitter wrote: “Get yourself someone who talks to you like Tom Steyer talks to Bernie Sanders.”

And Steyer posted about their interaction too.

Later, when Hillary Clinton declared that no one liked Sanders, Steyer had to disagree.

So of course, everyone was expecting to see more signs of a blossoming friendship between Steyer and Sanders tonight. And the viewers weren’t disappointed. It seems the friendship between these two is still strong.

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