Tom Steyer Is Not Dropping Out, He’s ‘Just Getting Started’


After Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet dropped out of the race following the New Hampshire, rumors began circulating on Twitter that Tom Steyer was dropping out of the race too. But Tom Steyer is not ending his campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination. He’s just getting started, his campaign has said.

Benjamin Gerdes, Steyer’s senior press secretary, gave the following statement on Twitter the night of the primary. He said, “To all the reporters calling me right now, TomSteyer is just getting started.” 

Gerdes then added, “But I do appreciate you calling before tweeting!!”

Steyer himself tweeted later, confirming he’s not dropping out. He wrote: “The NH results show the race for the Democratic nomination is wide open. The only way Democrats can win in November is to build a broad, diverse coalition — and expose Donald Trump as a fraud and failure on the economy. I can build that coalition, take him on, and win.”

He also posted a sweet message about Andrew Yang suspending his campaign. He wrote: “Andrew Yang brought a tremendous amount of needed enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the presidential race. There’s no doubt that Andrew will continue to have a positive impact on the country in the years to come. #YangGang #ThanksAndrew”

President Donald Trump even called attention to Steyer’s campaign on the night of the primary. Trump tweeted “Impeachment King Steyer (how did that work out?) spent 200 Million Dollars and got less than 1% of the vote in Iowa, and only 3% of the Vote in New Hampshire. Could it be that something is just plain missing? Not easy to do what I did, is it?”

Steyer’s been in the news a lot lately. He recently declared that he is not going to join the “Stop Bernie” campaign, MSNBC reported.

“No, I’m not one of those people who’s ever going to join a Stop Bernie campaign,” he told MSNBC. You can watch his response in the video above.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, considering that the Internet has been full of stories about Steyer’s and Bernie Sanders’ blossoming friendship.

During the most recent Democratic debate, Steyer agreed with Bernie Sanders a lot.

There were several distinct moments when Steyer stood up for Sanders during the debate and openly advocated for his friend. About two hours into the debate, Steyer spoke out for Sanders again. “I agree with Bernie Sanders,” he said clearly and proudly while talking about putting the climate first when deciding on requirements for trading with the U.S. This was in opposition to a point that Elizabeth Warren had made.

Of course, the Internet has noticed their friendship and Steyer’s enthusiastic support of Sanders during the debate.

Another person tweeted: “When Bernie Sanders speaks, Tom Steyer shuts TF up. When Bernie jabs Joe Biden, Tom Steyer laughs with such giddiness. Tom Steyer has a crush on Bernie Sanders….. Tom Steyer is also in the race to help elect Bernie Sanders.” 

Steyer has recently vowed to raise the minimum wage to $22/hour, Fox Business reported. We haven’t seen the last of Steyer in the Democratic campaign.

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