The Bachelor’ 2020 2-on-1 Date Spoilers: Who Gets Dumped & Goes Home

The Bachelor 2020 Cast

ABC Peter Weber is the 2020 star of The Bachelor.

Tonight is the second episode of The Bachelor this week, and unsurprisingly, the drama will continue when we pick up with this evening’s episode.

*Read on, but beware of spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. 

Tonight, Peter conducts an impromptu 2-on-1 date with Tammy Ly and Mckenna Dorn. In a shocking twist, he ends up sending both women home.

Reality Steve hasn’t spilled much else about the two-on-one date, but we do know that it takes place in Santiago, Chile.

Mykenna is one of the younger contestants, at just 23-years-old. Her reactions throughout the season have turned into social media fodder, with people loving her sometimes over-the-top expressions that have become great GIFs and memes.

One look at her Instagram proves that she’s embracing the influencer title, as she was promoting products on her ‘gram even before The Bachelor began.

Tammy, meanwhile, works as a real estate agent for Keller Williams in Syracuse, New York. She’s also a Sales Producer for Allstate. She attended school in upstate New York, earning her Associate’s in Business Administration and Management from Onondaga Community College in 2015. One fun fact about Tammy? She was on the boys’ wrestling team in high school.

After last week’s episode, people are mixed about what they think of Tammy. She started spreading rumors that Kelsey had ‘alcoholic tendencies’ and was ‘pill-popping’, and this rubbed people the wrong way. And based on previews for tonight, it sounds like another fight is going to explode between Mckenna and Tammy during the date.

Spoilers for Tonight’s Episode

So, we know that Tammy and Mckenna go home, but what else happens in this evening’s episode? Who else leaves?

The first one-on-one viewers will see is with Hannah Ann. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she gets the rose. And then, Peter goes on a group date with Kelsey, Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Kelley, Mykenna, Tammy, and Victoria P.

And at some point in the episode, Victoria P. and Peter have a talk about being on “different pages”, according to Reality Steve.

The blogger writes, “They mutually agreed to part ways, but again, I don’t know how the show will choose to show it.” Steve goes on to say that Victoria did have to crown her Miss Louisiana successor the day after she left, and that may have played a role in her wanting to go home. Long story short, Victoria P ends up going home.

After that, Peter has his one-on-one with Victoria Fuller, and she, too, takes home the rose.

Who Else Leaves Tonight?

So, that being said, who is eliminated tonight?

Mykenna, Tammy, and Victoria P all go home throughout the episode, and, surprisingly, Sydney Hightower is the one sent home during the rose ceremony elimination.

Peter had a steamy date with Sydney on Monday night’s episode, so this may come as a bit of a shock to viewers at home. Reality Steve doesn’t spill the beans on what exactly went down that may cause Peter to send Sydney home, but we’ll certainly find out why tonight.

Be sure to tune in at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

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