How Is Barron Trump Celebrating His 14th Birthday Amid Coronavirus?

Getty President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, and their son Barron Trump take a stroll.

While the nation does its best to fight the pandemic spread of coronavirus, Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump’s son Barron William Trump is celebrating his 14th birthday. However, because of the current restrictions in place due to COVID-19, the President’s son is not going to be able to celebrate like in years past.

Last year, Barron spent his 13th birthday, which happened to fall during Spring Break, at the family’s home in Palm Beach, Florida. While this year’s birthday will take place at The White House, his mother wished him “Happy Birthday” on social media almost exactly to how she did the year prior.

In 2019, Melania tweeted out a photo of goldtone Mylar balloons that spelled out “13.” On March 20, 2020, she shared a photo on Instagram, this time using silver balloons to spell out “14.” His father has yet to make a public birthday announcement toward his youngest son, or any of his half-siblings.

It’s not easy attempting to celebrate a birthday amid coronavirus, especially in Washington D.C., where the number of people infected with coronavirus has been exponentially rising, including numerous members of Congress and White House staff members. As of March 19, the total of coronavirus cases in the district jumped from 32 to 71 – all in one day, with 13 positive tests coming from patients under age 40.

‘Happy Birthday Barron’ Trended Nationwide On Twitter On March 20

Barron, so rarely seen in the media, has captured the attention of millions due to his recent skyrocket in height – he appears to be at least 6-foot-3, however, his exact height has not been released to the public.

Whether or not people like America’s controversial president, his son received mostly bi-partisan support online, and thousands of people took to Twitter to wish him happy birthday amid coronavirus. Due to D.C.’s guidelines following the outbreak, the newly minted 14-year-old can’t go out to have a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant, or invite more than 9 friends over to have a party.

However, as many people pointed out, it’s hard to have a bad birthday, even amid a world-wide dealy pandemic when your father is President and extremely wealthy.

While the exact details of his party plans have not been made public, users online had a fun time sharing with him their birthday wishes.

Many Twitter members including in their birthday salute that they believed Barron’s future is to one day be President like his father.

Numerous Users Online Made Their Birthday Wishes To Barron In Jest

Considering these uncertain times in America, and the much of the nation’s opinion on how the President has handled the response to coronavirus, it was hard for many users online to be happy or care about the President’s son’s birthday.

One person tweeted, “Happy Birthday Barron! I can’t wait for your tell-all book.” Another tweet read, “Happy Birthday, Barron. Sorry your dad’s a moron.

Other users online hoped for this birthday that he turns out to be nothing like his father one day.

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